Exciting Things to Do During a Caribbean Vacation

Carribean vacation

If you want to know how to live life to its fullest, you need to visit the Caribbean. It is a region of the Americas surrounding the Caribbean Sea and comprises over 700 islands, each of which offers something new. The richness of its culture and geographical diversity draws tourists from all over the world. From pristine sandy beaches dotted with luxe resorts to historic towns showcasing unique architecture, it wins your heart effortlessly. Romantic couples, solo travelers, family vacationers, and almost any kind of tourist are tempted to take a Caribbean vacation for several reasons, including the ones mentioned above. What are some of the most exciting things you could try out as a tourist? Read on to find out.

Enjoy a swim with stingrays

Swimming with the stingrays is a popular tourist activity in the Caribbean because it’s not often that you get to swim alongside these disk-shaped creatures in their natural habitat. The top places to try this thrilling activity include Stingray City in Grand Cayman, Antigua, Nassau in the Bahamas, and Gibbs Cay in Turks and Caicos. You could even stroke them and feel the delicate touch of their flesh.

Enjoy trekking to River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls, located near Ocho Rios, is a famous waterfall in Jamaica. It was the site of a battle fought between the English and Spanish in 1657. It’s a unique natural phenomenon because of the waterfall’s ability to regenerate itself from travertine rock deposits, which happens because of the precipitation of calcium carbonate from the Dunn’s River. The fall is about 180 feet high and 600 feet long, with terraced steps that enable you to climb it. You can take a thrilling ride on the Chukka Zipline that offers you an aerial view of the falls. There’s also a splash pad and mini-water park designed for kids.

Visit the Natural Bridge Ruins

Even though the original Natural Bridge made of coral limestone in Aruba collapsed in 2005, you can explore their ruins during your trip. It’s one of Aruba’s most important tourist attractions, located on its north coast between the old Bushiribana gold mines and Andicuri Beach. The Natural Bridge was impressive in its dimensions when it stood, measuring 98 feet in length and 26 feet in width, making it the only structure of its kind in the world.


Go surfing at Bathsheba Beach

If you seek your fair share of surreal sights, you should visit Bathsheba Beach, located on the east coast of Barbados. Yellow ochre sand, furious waves crashing against the boulders, and the stillness that envelops the scene are some experiences in store for you here. If you are the adventurous type, try your hand at surfing and bodyboarding on the waves, particularly the spot named Soup Bowl.

Go horseback riding on the beaches

Does the idea of horseback riding on the beach look exciting? If you’re interested, head over to Providenciales in Turks and Caicos to enjoy rides on its pristine sandy beaches alongside the turquoise waters. Long Bay Beach, Five Cays Beach, and Blue Hill Beach are the three top beaches that offer this unique experience. Long Bay Beach will be your best if you want to see kiteboarders in action while riding. However, it’s advisable to make your booking well in advance, especially if you visit the islands during the winter months, which are peak tourist season.

These are some of the exciting activities that you can try during your Caribbean vacation, whether you’re traveling with your family or spouse. There’s so much that the region has to offer that you are spoilt for choice.


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