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Everything to Know Before You Rent a Plane

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There are many reasons to rent a plane, but what is it like? This guide lists everything to know before you rent a plane.

Have you ever wanted to fly private? Have you ever thought about how it would be to have an entire plane to yourself and avoid confined spaces, loud noises, and disturbances from other passengers?

While you may think flying private is reserved for millionaires, renting a plane may be more accessible than you think. Now, more than ever, people are splurging on private flights, for their health as much as their comfort and convenience.

If you want to rent a plane but are not sure how the process works or what you can expect onboard, this short and simple guide is for you.

Working With a Broker Is Ideal

A great tip for how to rent a private plane is to work with a broker. Working with a broker is ideal because they will keep your best interest in mind while making sure your flight is exactly what you need. Talk to a few brokers and get a feel for their knowledge and customer service before choosing.

The Pricing Works Differently

If you are wondering how much does it cost to rent a jet, the answer is, it depends. Unlike a regular flight, you do not pay per person, you pay for the entire aircraft and crew for your flight. Pricing is determined by duration, the aircraft you choose, any necessary repositioning, fees, and taxes.

Consider Scheduling Sliding Departures

While the schedule of a private jet is flexible, you have the option of even more flexibility by scheduling a sliding departure. With a sliding departure, you have a 1-3 hour timeframe for takeoff. You can arrive at any time during that timeframe and your captain and crew will be ready to go.


Regular Boarding Procedures Do Not Apply

Part of the hassle of flying is dealing with the lines, crowds, and boarding procedures at the airport. When flying private, you will use a VIP entrance and wait there, without having to experience the inconvenience of the airport. You can also ignore the TSA carry-on rules, they do not apply when flying private.

You Will Experience Bespoke Service

There are several facts about renting a plane that makes flying private so attractive. One of these facts is, you will receive bespoke service while you are onboard. Expect catering, entertainment, WiFi, gifts, decorations, and a selection of magazines while you are in flight.

These Are the Things to Know Before You Rent a Plane

There are a few things you should know before you rent a plane.

The process will be smoother if you work with a broker, and the pricing will be different from a regular flight. Make sure to schedule a sliding departure, and expect to avoid the normal hustle and bustle of the airport.

Most of all, know that flying private means you will experience bespoke service during your flight.

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