Which European City is the Healthiest in the World?

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We often pick a city to live in because of work, love or a language we want to learn. But there are other factors to consider like pollution, traffic and more. The best cities to live in the world are also the most fit cities the ones with longest life expectancy, great healthcare and more. In these places there is infrastructure for sports and activities, the cleanliness is very high and the pollution levels are low. These things are becoming extremely important with the number of people with allergies and respiratory problems caused by pollution increases.
That’s why we decided to make a list of the healthiest cities in Europe and we are excited to share it with you.


1. Stockholm, Sweden

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The capital of Sweden was the first city to be pronounced European Green Capital in 2010. Since then the city has pushed for even more green initiatives. They has made continuous effort to keep its title of one of the healthiest cities in Europe.



Stockholm healthier city in Europe port


It has reduced its emissions by 25% and aims at being totally fossil free till 2050. No need to say that the recycling infrastructure and public transport system are top notch.


2. Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna


Vienna has been on the top of the list for best cities to live in the world for a very long time. The beautiful capital of Austria is also green and beautiful. Surrounded by the Alps, it offers great air and water quality.


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Obesity ratio is very low and the healthcare system is on a very high level.


3. Hamburg, Germany

Friends in the park Hamburg


Hamburg is only one of the German cities that deserve to be in this list for the healthiest cities in Europe. It has a superb healthcare system and attention for the environment which results in clean air and water.


Hamburg one of the healthiest cities in Europe


Thanks to its high level of education, low crime and unemployment rates the city is considered to be one of the best to raise a family in.


4. Helsinki, Finland

Christmas market in Helsinki


Low pollution, low number of cars, one of the longest life expediencies at birth. These are all factors that push Helsinki up the health city rankings.


Children ice skating on frozen water in Helsinki port


Other things which make it a great place to live are the good work-life balance and the number of vacation days.


5. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn street full of people


Walking around Tallin you will notice that the people are incredibly fit. No wonder! They have the best gyms and they have been named the fittest people in Europe. The city is small and very charming, plus it has good infrastructure and low pollution levels.


Squirrel art on building in Tallinn


Of course the choice of a place to live depends on the values of each person. Some people appreciate more green spaces in a city, others want to know the number of gyms, or the air pollution index. Still, if you are looking for a health city with great environment for living and enjoying life, the cities in the list are at the top of all rankings.


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