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Do you want to make your dining area homely? Are you looking for a solution for more heat and at the same time modern design? With the picture gallery we show you different design variants with the dining room carpet. The designs are numerous: whether from IKEA, a designer oriental rug, a strip of carpet in black and white or colored, round or rectangular. Here we go:





Conveniently viewed the carpet offers warmth and coziness in the winter months. Especially at the start of the day, you should have breakfast on smooth floor with cold feet. And then at dinner would be also quiet relax and warm up. The carpets have these warming function. You should choose an easy-care fabric set for the dining area, best flat-woven like the traditional carpets.




The aesthetics in the dining room is also very important to us, the carpet was regarded more as a decorative element. In establishing this area, you could color adjust it to the lifestyle or ensure the contrary with an accent. In the photos, you will see this effect in the decor looks like for example through an expressive carpet in black and white, or in warm colors in contrast to the cool wall. The rug can highlight the dining table and separate it from the rest home. Thus the table becomes the focal point of the living room.




The shape of the rug may resemble that of the table or not. The rule of thumb is that a circular dining table with a round as well carpet belongs together. We look outside the box? The opposite here is applicable: chairs with rounded backs, the square might look just fine. Through different styles your room come back to life, what you will hear again and again during the visit of friends.






Which version suits your personal taste? Would you choose it as a contrasting color in the room?










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