Spring Tastes Sweet – Unusual Desserts you Should Try

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Let’s celebrate the season with some delightful, light and brightly flavoured unusual desserts.


cupcakes with pink frosting and pieces of red berries on top in pink paper cups


Why unusual? Because they have a little twist to the traditional recipes we all know and love. And what’s more, they are perfect for St. Valentine’s Day, Easter or just welcoming the spring season with something colorful, special and fresh.


unusual dessert woman with red lipstick holding a dessert with strawberries and chocolate



Take a look at some inspiring spring dessert ideas that will bring the season into your home.


unusual dessert spring pink cheescake with strawberries and cream crispy biscuit bottom on a blue cloth


#1. Soft Strawberry Spring Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? There are many recipes for classic cheesecake but it all starts with a good base made of biscuits and melted butter. Then you can use whatever fruits you like, but strawberries are always a good idea. The rest of the ingredients are clear – cream, vanilla and decoration of choice. Let the cheesecake cool in the fridge and you are ready to serve this soft and sweet delight to your friends and family.

yoghurt with berries in a cup with oats on top


# 2. Refreshing Yoghurt with Berries

This has to be one of the all-time favourite quick spring desserts. It is simple, light and refreshing. All you need is yoghurt and berries. Take a mason jar and place a layer of berries at the bottom, then put a layer of yoghurt and continue layering until you reach the top of the jar. This creamy and healthy dessert will look perfect on your festive table.


white plate with a beautiful dessert with rose petals hand pouring red syrup on it


# 3. Flower Power

What is spring without flowers? Roses are an edible flower, which has become a symbol of St. Valentine’s Day. You can use dried roses to decorate different desserts adding beauty and fragrance. Here we will share with you a healthy and gorgeous candy alternative that will melt your heart. Dissolve gelatin in strawberry juice and pour a thin layer into a mould, then sprinkle some rose petals then put the mould in the freezer for a few minutes to set. Take it out and cover the layer with the petals with some more gelatin until you fill the mould. Put back into the fridge until the gelatin is set. You will get beautiful gummies that look like little jewels.


unusual dessert sweet lemon peel sugar coated on a wooden cutting board


# 4. Lemon Peel

Lemon peels are another favorite treat that is both fresh and sweet. It is very simple to make and everybody loves it. All you need is 1 large lemon, 2 cups of water and 2 ¼ cups sugar. Peel the lemon and slice the strips thin. Put the strips with 2 cups of water and use high heat to bring to boil. Add the sugar and bring the pan over medium heat, bring to boil again and reduce to low heat, simmer for about 10 minutes until the peels become translucent. Drain and arrange the peels on a sheet of parchment paper in a single layer. Coat the cooled lemon peel with sugar and serve.


biscuit balls with chocolate chip inside woman picking one from a bowl


#5. Surprise Choco Balls

This is one of the simplest spring dessert recipes for chocolate lovers. You need chocolate biscuits, condensed milk, gummies and coconut for coating. Use a food processor to make fine crumbs from the chocolate biscuits. Place them in a bowl and add the condensed milk. Mix well, take a gummy and wrap it with the mixture, shaping into balls. Roll in coconut and serve.


fruity pies unusual dessert pies with berries and other fruits on a pink table


These delightful springtime desserts are a tasteful final touch for welcoming the spring season. Springtime is full of wonderful scents and colors, also fresh fruits and gorgeous flowers, these spring dessert ideas combine all these aspects of the season to bring you and your guests a lot of joy.


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