Spring is the Season of Cute Baby Animals


Spring is coming, can you believe it? It is once again that transitional time of year when the light once again begins to shine more brightly. Besides, flowers brighten up our gardens and a lot of cute baby animals are born. It is no coincidence that a lot of animals give birth to their offspring in the warm spring season.


baby animals small puppy and a little deer


Warm temperatures and sunlight increase the babies’ chances of surviving. In addition, it is easier for animals to find plentiful food in the spring because there is more moisture. Now, let us have a look at some of the cute baby animals that are born in the spring.


elephant baby in the middle of a field with green grass




Spring is definitely the season when you have the highest chances of seeing the most beautiful baby elephant in the world. In fact, elephants can also give birth at another time of the year. However, the mother needs plentiful food when she is sucking her baby elephant. And in some areas of the world, there is not enough food in seasons different from the rainy spring.


baby croc on a beach enjoying the sun



You may be thinking that crocodiles are definitely not cute animals. Nevertheless, once you see a cute baby crocodile, you will certainly change your mind. While crocodiles can become quite aggressive when they grow up, observing baby crocodiles will make your heart melt.


person holding a black and white baby skunk in their hand



Yes, skunks tend to spray other creatures. However, they actually do so only when they need to defend themselves. Therefore, there is actually no need to worry. If you want to observe a cute baby skunk, then May is the month to go for.


baby squirrel in persons hand saying hi



Squirrels mate twice a year, so they give birth in the spring (February-April), as well as in late summer (August-September). So, who knows? You may have high chances of coming across a sweet baby squirrel in the coming spring.


baby animals baby camel and their mother



Camels are definitely some of the most fascinating animals in the world. They can store up huge amounts of fat which help them survive for months. At the same time, once they have access to water, they can drink large amounts of it in one go. Camels are very important in the desert. Therefore, there are more than 160 words for camel in Arabic.


lion baby holding a tree and climbing up


Camels’ pregnancy lasts for up to 14 months. Interestingly enough, it is not uncommon to see a cute baby camel that is initially completely white. The color of the skin will change once the adult coat comes in.


tiny baby chipmunk in persons hand outdoors



Who does not like chipmunks? These harmless animals are so cute and chubby-cheeked that no one can resist them. April and May are the months when you can see cute chipmunk babies.


baby swans mother swan and little baby swans on a river bank


We hope that you enjoyed our journey throughout the world of spring animals as much as we did. Remember, spring is the season of purposeful growth, renewal and animal migration. So, certainly, there are various other cute baby animals that are born in spring. Herons, raccoons, white-tailed deers, swans, otters are foxes are just a few of them.


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