Norway – Facts that will Make you Move there


Norway is the best country to get older, according to the index of quality of life in older people, covering 96 countries.


  • Anyone over 67 years receives a state pension of 1012 dollars. Life expectancy is 84 years, most Norwegians reach 77 years old without serious health problems.
  • Norwegians love to work: 7 out of 10 people aged 55 – 64 are still working full time. 99.4% of Norwegians over 60 years old are with tertiary education. And one more thing – the universities there are completely free!
  • Not only the universities are free but also the museums!  This means that, for example, you can go to the Munch Museum in Oslo and see the famous painting of Edvard Munch “Vic” as many times as you want.
  • Norway has a very effective system for childcare as parents can return quickly to work, not expecting grandparents to take care of children.
  • People over 67 years pay half fare on public transport, including train and ferry. The traffic is not heavy – less than 50% of Norwegians have a car, according to the World Bank.
  • Norwegians are happy. WHO data from 2013 show that less than 30% of people answered “yes” when asked whether they felt “lonely, sad or depressed” in the past 30 years. Over 89% of people aged over 50 say they do not fear old age because they have relatives and friends who can rely on.
  • Income per capita are among the highest in the world.
  • Аnd last but not least Norway is one of the most interesting and beautiful country where you can see the deep fjords and Northern Lights.



Norway - Facts that will Make you Move there Norway Alesund Norway Fjords Norwegian Rock above Lake




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