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According to Li, the album is the final installment in a trilogy chronicling “a woman in her twenties and her search for love and herself”.

This extremely charming and talented lady in her twenties has written the songs after experiencing “the biggest breakup of her life”. It was very unbelievable for Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson as her real name is, that her third album reached such big success – “I made no such plans to make an album. My first instinct was just to try to heal myself and to come back to some sort of life. And then I was so emotionally broken that I just started to write… I love writing, and it was so amazing to get lost in the process. I didn’t think that someone would ever hear it”, she told Billbord.

She consider herself more as a singer-songwriter rather than a pop artist. Her mesmerising performances take her to festivals around the world as she lives life without unnecessary things. Simplicity. Truth. Love. Lykke Li. Enjoy.


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