8 Amazing Facts About Madagascar




Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, located adjacent to the southeastern coast of Africa. This extraordinary country was the inspiration for a number of documentaries and is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and interesting places on Earth. Even though you think you know a lot about that island, there are some little-known facts that may surprise you. Here are some of them:


1. Much of the wildlife of Madagascar is not found anywhere else in the world





Madagascar is an island for about 70 million years ago. Before 165000 years off from Africa, and nearly 100000 years later from India. This makes the flora and fauna of the island unique. 90% of plant and animal species in the island are found nowhere else in the world.


2. The Madagascar lemurs are sacred



On the island of Madagascar lemurs are sacred animals. According to various theories, the man and the lemurs have a common ancestor. The island is different around the 103 species and subspecies of lemur, as almost all are classified as rare, vulnerable or endangered.


3. Madagascar was originally populated by Asians and then by Africans

island-map-history indian ocean


The first people who settled in Madagascar have come from the island of Borneo, which is divided between Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. They arrive between 350 BC. and 550, by canoes. Africans join them almost 500 years later. Over time, other settlers arrived, all have contributed to the culture of the island.


4.Before the French colonial rule Madagascar was operated by a woman



Queen Ranavalona III ruled during the period 1883-d. 1897, before being taken down by the French colonial authority.


5. Many of the plants have medicinal properties



Numerous plant species can be used in medicine. For a number of diseases are given the drugs vincristine and vinblastine, which are derived from the Malagasy periwinkle.


6. It is possible that Madagascar was a pirate utopia

madagascar-pirates-ship Libertalia


The island was a popular vacation spot for European pirates and merchants in the late 1700 ‘s and early 1800 ‘s. It is estimated that island was a land of Libertaliâ – the independent Republic of pirates, of whose existence I can speak with certainty.


7. Madagascar has claimed the laws for the protection of human rights



Human rights in Madagascar are protected under the Constitution, and the State has signed agreements, such as the Universal Declaration of human rights and the Convention on the rights of the child. Ethnic, religious and sexual minorities are also protected by law.


8. The cuisine of Madagascar reflect the cultural diversity of the island

madagascar-typical-food ocean food


In the traditional cuisine of the island clearly shows the influence of Southeast Asia, as well as to African, Indian, Chinese and European immigrants, who have inhabited the island. The main place in the menu there is rice. Often used for flavour in dishes are garlic, onions, ginger, tomato, Curry, coconut milk, vanilla, cloves and turmeric. Madagascar is one of the main producers of vanilla, cloves and ylang-ylang, and is also a major supplier of coffee, lychee and shrimps on a global scale.


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