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4 Ways to Support Your Mental Health and Wellness

4 Ways to Support Your Mental Health and Wellness

More than 75% of people in the U.S. go through periods of serious stress causing physical symptoms like fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, and more. What can you do to promote your mental health and wellness?

Keep reading to learn about four easy self care ideas to help you destress.

1. Learn How to Say “No”

Many people think saying “yes” to everything will make them seem dependable and friendly. While this might be true for a little while, you can’t always follow up with everyone (nor should you feel obligated to). Learning how to say no is a form of self care that honors your limitations, sets reasonable boundaries, and can help you maintain positive relationships.

If you’re not comfortable at first with the word “no,” you can use alternative phrases like:

  • I’d love to join you, but I already have projects/work/errands to complete
  • I don’t have the time to that right now, but thank you for thinking about me
  • Not right now, but I’ll be available next Thursday if that works for you

Make sure your intentions are clear. Giving an uncertain answer, “I’m not sure,” or “Maybe” will only lead to more stress on both ends. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries and tell the other person(s) no.

2. Treat Yourself to a Trip to the Spa

A great way to promote mental wellbeing is a spa treatment. Traditional treatments include massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and exfoliating scrubs. Some more unique de-stressors that you might not think of include are floatation therapy, and seaweed body wraps.

Take a look at these beauty salons to see more self care ideas explore all of the services you can enjoy in and around Ogden, Utah.


3. Disconnect from Electronics

Our phones, computers, TVs, and such, keep us connected and stimulated by the outside world at all times. We increasingly find it more challenging to be alone with our own thoughts. While social media is a valuable way to connect to others, a digital detox is a great self care practice.

If you rely on your phone or laptop to keep in contact with important people in your life, consider setting up an automatic vacation reply on your email. If someone in your contacts emails you, they will receive a customized automated response letting them know you’re not available. If you have people you need contact with, like children, a spouse, parents, etc., you can utilize your phone’s “Do Not Disturb” function but allow calls from certain people.

Another guideline you can set for yourself is a one-screen rule. This means you can only look at one screen at once; if you’re watching TV, there’s no need to scroll through TikTok as well. Take small steps toward limiting your media intake, and you’ll likely see an improvement in your mental health.

4. Start a Fitness Routine

A fitness routine doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym five times a week. A wellness regime can be as simple as doing morning yoga or taking a walk in the evenings.

Find a way to move more throughout your day in a way that you enjoy to reduce anxiety naturally.

You’ll enjoy a boost in energy, improve your sleep schedule, and allows a break in your day.

Supporting Your Mental Health and Wellness Made Easy

You don’t need to sacrifice hours of your day or a lot of money to support your mental health and wellness. Practices like saying “no,” digital detoxes, and a fun exercise routine help you disconnect and spend time on yourself. Lastly, take yourself to a beauty salon to give your mind and body some TLC.

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