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3 Best Tips to Gift a Perfect Watch to Your Beloved

gift a Perfect Watch to Your Beloved

Women have been wearing watches since 1810 when Abraham-Louis Breguet created the first wristwatch for Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples. Nowadays, fashion and technology have brought innumerable wristwatch options for women that men find pretty confusing. Checking various watch reviews, such as the Bulova watches review, is an excellent place to start your research.


Well, don’t worry; you will find three tips in this article that will help you select the perfect watch to compliment your loved one’s wrist.


1.    Style


When purchasing a women’s watch, style is an important consideration. Women’s watches used to be primarily intended to be worn with upscale dresses, but today, there are many other kinds of watches available. The selection includes sports watches, dress watches, minimalist watches, etc.


Think about where your wife plans to wear the watch and her lifestyle when selecting a style. The type of dial you choose for her depends on her outfit and the situation. A minimalist watch with a simple dial will be a great choice if she attends meetings or informal activities at her workplace. A jeweled watch decorated with precious gemstones would look best when combined with fancy dresses for a prestigious event.



2.    Case material


Watch case materials impact both the style and function of a woman’s watch. The most popular case materials are rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, stainless steel, and ceramic. Rose gold and white gold are among the most famous case materials for casual or dress watches. Women’s watches are most often made out of yellow gold because of their classic style and luxurious appearance.


You can consider stainless steel or ceramic cases if your loved one has an active lifestyle. A stainless steel watch is a good choice if you want something highly durable and scratch-resistant. If you want a bit of style along with scratch resistance, ceramic is a great option.


3.    Wrist-size


Finding the right timepiece according to a woman’s wrist size is essential. On average, women’s wrists measure between 5 and 7 inches (12 to 17 cm) in circumference, and women’s watches typically have a diameter of 22 to 34 mm, depending on their style and maker. Generally, smaller watch diameters of 22 to 28 mm are more suitable for petite wrists of 5 to 6 inches (12 to 14 cm). In contrast, a 28 to 34 mm watch diameter is better suited for an average female wrist measuring 6 to 7 inches (14 to 17 cm).


The watch size may also depend on whether the watch is being used as flashy jewelry, an accessory, or an everyday watch. Watch dials for sports, and casual watches are broader and bigger than those found in higher-end jewelry watches, where the dials tend to be more elegant and smaller.


You can go through various watch reviews available online, such as Bulova watches review, to find the right dial for gifting your favorite.



A watch is an object of beauty. A woman’s watch is okay to see as an accessory. The watch market is awash with snobbery and intimidating technical jargon, and the female watch market is no exception. It is perfectly acceptable to buy your spouse a watch for a particular look or event if that is what you intend. After all, the accessories give every woman her unique style and look. The same holds true for fine luxury watches. No matter how elaborate or minimalist, wearing a beautiful watch can give the wearer a distinct look.





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