Why Chocolate and Love are the Perfect Match

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There are only a few days left until next St. Valentine’s Day. Therefore, it is a matter of time before chocolate and love are in the air. Yet, have you asked yourself how chocolate has become a modern symbol of romance and love? If so, then this article is for you.


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Let us explore together why chocolate and love are the perfect match and why so many of us are in love with chocolate.


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The Bitter History Of Chocolate

People often assume that you must love chocolate because everyone else does. However, chocolate has not always been a sweet that makes us happy because it causes a release of mood-lifting hormones. In fact, Native Americans used to consume chocolate as a bitter beverage that even included chillies.


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Libby O’Connel, author of “The American Plate”, says that chocolate gained global popularity after the Spanish invade (16th century). The Spanish were amazed at how drinking 50 cups of chocolate daily helped the Aztec king have the stamina for a harem of 50 women. So, they brought cocoa back to Europe and turned chocolate into an exclusive luxury aphrodisiac.


Colorful aztec painting aztecs drinking chocolate aphrodisiac beverage


Yet, it wasn’t until 1900 when Milton Hershey found a way to transform chocolate into “an enjoyment anyone could afford”.


valentine day red wrapped gift chocolate candy in a heart shape plate and three red roses


Do Chocolate And Love go well together?

Yes, chocolate and love go well together. In fact, there are even books for romantic chocoholics (i.e. “For The Love Of Chocolate”). However, why is this so? First, chocolate appeals to all senses. For instance, I love to eat chocolate, yet there are a lot of people who adore its distinctive earthy aroma.


wine and chocolate on a wooden table bars of chocolate and a glass of red wine


Second, chocolate can easily transform into a delicious decadence or a way to seduce the senses of a loved one. It suits any romantic situation: from enjoying a first date to igniting the spark in a long marriage. What is more, girls love chocolate but it is a lovely gift for men, too.

Third, chocolate can help you share an intimate moment of indulgence with your special someone. Nevertheless, you can melt into a moment of bliss, whenever you want to enjoy a moment of pleasure. As long as it does not become an addiction, self-care can also be a form of love, isn’t it?


love and romance strawberries dipped in chocolate on a white plate


What Else Does Chocolate Pair Well With?

In addition to being a symbol of love, chocolate also pairs well with other love foods.

chilly peppers dipped in chocolate on a white sprinkled plate


For instance, it is not uncommon for people to eat white or milk chocolate with strawberries. On the other hand, dark chocolate goes well together with some sorts of red wine. In fact, moderate consumption of red wine and chocolate (min 70% cocoa content) can even support your heart health.


love and romance bubbly and chocolate champagne bottle in a cooler with glasses and rose petals


As you can see, there is no doubt that romance and chocolate pair well with each other. Both of them enrich our lives if we are mindful and do not use them as a form of escapism. So, let us remember to consume chocolate and love moderately.


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