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Which Fruits are Actually Nuts

Which Fruits are Actually Nuts

Who doesn’t like the luxury nuts and dried fruits with their crunch and irresistible taste? Did you know that berries and nuts are some of the most favourite snacks for many people around the world? We have all been snacking on nuts that are much more than just nuts. After you read this you will look at the bag of almonds in a very different way. Let’s see why.


hand holding peanut plants with roots


We all know that most nuts like hazelnuts or walnuts grow on trees. However, peanuts grow in pods underground which makes them a legume (like lentils and peas) and not a nut.


Cashew fruits

bright orange cashew apple fruits



Technically, nuts are a type of fruit. Cashews are the seed of the cashew apple fruit. It is a c-shaped, greyish seed that grows at the bottom of the fruit.



branch of pistachio tree photographed from below


The pistachio tree is a member of the cashew family. But as we mentioned above cashews are not nuts. The pistachios are not nuts either they are the seeds of the tree with the same name.



Close up flowering almond tree branch


The almond fruit is another favourite snack. The almonds are actually the seeds of the almond tree, which is native to the Middle East and South Asia. The almond tree and fruit have been famous for thousands of years. The beautiful blossoms of the almond tree have inspired various artists – Van Gogh dedicated an entire painting on them. The best part of snacking on them is that the raw almond nut is as delicious as the roasted.



coconut tree full of coconut fruits


Probably we won’t surprise you by saying that coconuts aren’t nuts either. They are a drupe which means fruit. Olives, dates and coffee are also drupes. The name coconut comes from Spanish and means “monkey face”. The coconuts contain coconut water (not milk). The delicious milk is made by grating the flesh into the water. Coconut water is very healthy full of vitamins and minerals.



Different size walnuts photographed on leaf from above


Surprise, surprise – walnuts aren’t nuts. They are also drupes just like the coconuts. Because they resemble the brain they were believed to cure headaches.


Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts tree with giant fruits from below


Brazil nuts just like chestnuts are seeds. They come from Bolivia and grow at the very top of tall trees. When the capsule with the Brazil nuts falls down they are released all at once. They contain 65% oil and will always float in your muesli or porridge.
So, next time you are snacking on some nuts be sure to enjoy them knowing that they might actually be fruits, seeds and legumes. Of course, this doesn’t make them any less delicious, right?


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