What is the Archetype and How to Choose a Partner


Do you want to find the right partner in life? A special someone that you feel attracted to but also feel a deep connection with? If so, you are in the right place. In this article, we want to explore what you need to learn about love based on your archetype.


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What Is An Archetype?

Zigmund Freud and Carl Jung are two of the most influential minds in the field of psychology. Freud archetypes and theory are closely related to ideas like ego (conscious), ID (unconscious) and superego (preconscious). On the other hand, Carl Jung divides the human psyche in 3 realms: consciousness, personal unconsciousness and collective unconsciousness.

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The collective unconsciousness is the deepest part of our unconsciousness. It is not shaped by personal experience but genetically inherited. According to Jung, archetypes are universal images and instinctive patterns of behaviour that are elements of the collective unconsciousness. They find expression in people’s dreams and fantasies.


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Jung suggested 4 major archetypes (Shadow, Self, Anima/Animus, and Persona archetype). He also defined 12 primary archetypes that determine our basic human motivations and why we may struggle in love.


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#1. Ego Archetypes

The 3 archetypes in the first category want to leave a mark on the world and place a lot of importance on values like mastery, power or liberation.

First, the Hero archetype wants to help others and make the world a better place. They often rescue others to prove themselves as worthy. If you struggle in your relationships as a “Hero”, it may be because you attract people who need help and healing.


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Second, the Magician archetype usually applies to visionaries, catalysts and leaders who understand how life works. They know how to co-create with the universe and actualize their potential. However, you may struggle in love as a “Magician” if you forget that fulfilling a dream is a co-creative process. So, remember that the universe has your back and manifestation may be working behind the scenes.

Third, the Outlaw archetype includes revolutionaries who question authorities and the system. If you’re this archetype, make sure you’re not resisting what’s in your heart too much. You cannot be happy in love unless you soften yourself a little.


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#2. Order Archetypes

The 3 archetypes in the second category want to provide structure to the world and place a lot of importance on values like service, control or innovation. The Caregiver archetype is all about parenting, teaching, mentoring and nurturing others. They are kind, generous and compassionate. Unfortunately, this mother archetype can end up neglecting themselves or putting more energy into helping others than into their romantic relationship.


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In comparison, the Ruler archetype needs to control everything. Ruler archetype examples include leaders, politicians, CEOs and role models. It is hard for the Ruler archetype to compromise and accept that they might not always know what is best.


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On the other hand, the Creator archetype has the desire to leave a legacy. These are entrepreneurs and innovators who hate mediocrity and search for the next cutting-edge approach. Creators struggle in love when they forget their humanness and get obsessed with the next big innovation.


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#3. Social Archetypes

The 3 archetypes in the third category want to connect to others and place a lot of importance on values like belonging, pleasure and intimacy. First, the Member archetype values honesty, loyalty, hard work and equality. They love feeling “one of the group”. If you want to be happy in love as a “Member”, you need to learn to risk being different and authentic. This is how you will find a partner you’re genuinely compatible with.


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Second, the Jester archetype likes living in the moment and be the life of the party. They struggle in relationships when they look for enjoyment in order to avoid addressing deeper issues.

Third, the Lover archetype includes hopeless romantics who crave intimacy and connection. They value being emotionally and physically attractive, so they work on themselves. If you don’t want to struggle in love as a “Lover”, make sure you have a life outside your romantic relationship.


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#4. Freedom Archetypes

The 3 archetypes in the last category yearn for paradise and place a lot of importance on values like safety, understanding and freedom.


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On the one hand, the Innocent archetype includes people who like order, structure and simplicity. They always try to make sure they are “good”. However, Innocents cannot be happy in love until they learn it is not a black and white game. They also need to make sure they know how to stand for their needs.


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On the other hand, the Sage archetype includes deep-thinkers like detectives, writers and scholars. It can be challenging for them to find the right partner because not everyone is in pursuit of “why” and the big, existential questions.

Last, but not least, the Explorer archetype applies to “free spirits” who value adventure, experience, and authenticity. If you are an “Explorer”, don’t aim at a traditional relationship. Choose a partner who helps you take off.


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