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Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays


Just because it is the holiday season, doesn’t mean you should not stay active. According to research, physical activity can help us reduce stress and sleep better. So, it is important to find a way to keep fit during the holidays.


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You are looking for creative ideas on how to keep your fitness plan on track or stay in shape this holiday season? If that is the case, then you are in the right place.



If you have a fitness plan, then you know how important it is to exercise to keep body fit. What you do not need extra motivation to engage with keep fit exercises during the holidays. However, it would be helpful to develop a few small habits.



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#1. HABIT: Schedule And Follow Time Blocks For Exercise

What gets scheduled gets done! So, make sure you block time slots in your calendar that you are going to dedicate to staying active. Even if it is just 15 min, make sure you write your workouts in your schedule. Otherwise, you can easily skip your exercise as soon as something ‘urgent’ comes up. We also recommend that you create a back-up plan so that you do not feel bad if you cannot stick to your initial plan.

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#2. Do Your Workouts First Thing In The Morning

If you want to avoid unexpected interruptions in your schedule, do your workout first thing in the morning. If necessary, wake up half an hour earlier than the rest of your family and move your body.

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#3. Prepare an Easy Travel Workout For The Holidays

You want to keep fit at home AND enjoy quality time with your loved ones during the holidays. If that is the case, create a simple 3-5 exercise routine you can follow for while you travel. When you decide in advance what that would look like, you will easily stay true to your exercise plan.


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#1. Walk As Much As Possible

If committing to daily workouts during the holidays feels stressful, you can replace it with long walks or jogging. In addition, make sure you use the stairs instead of the elevator.


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#2. Help With The Housework

Whether we realize it or not, housework such as raking leaves or shovelling snow is another way to stay active. On top of that, offering your help with the housework can make your host, mother, father etc. feel loved and supported.

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#3. Engage In Play

You are looking for a fun way to stay active during the holidays? If so, engage in play and dance as much as possible. Set up a game of football, organize a dance contest or play tag with the kids. As you can see, there are multiple ways to stay active during the holidays. So, even if you are not a fitness fan, make sure you keep fit at home. Your body will appreciate it.


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