Vision Board- Manifesting the New Beginning of 2022

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There are just a few days left until the end of 2021. So, now is the perfect moment to make your vision board for 2022. The law of attraction vision board is a creative tool that helps you come up with your goals for the upcoming year. Then you visualize them by using materials that remind you of your intentions (i.e., words, images, stickers, etc.).


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#1. Making a Vision Board Is Not Just for Kids

If you assume that there are no vision boards for adults, think twice. Yes, it can be very funny for kids to immerse themselves in a play. However, we all have an inner child within us. So, making a vision board can be a great way of utilizing childlike strengths such as playfulness, openness for new experiences, and creativity.


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#2. Using Pen and Paper Is Not the Only Way to Make a Vision Board

A lot of 2021 vision board ideas revolve around using pen and paper because this helps you engage more of your senses. Yet, there are plenty of tools for making an electronic vision board, as well. So, browse different options, choose the one that suits you best and use your next work break to set your intentions for 2022.


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#3. Consider Different Life Areas When You Plan Make Your Vision Board

We firmly believe that taking a holistic approach is a must if you want to lead a happy life. So, when you set your intentions for the year, consider various aspects. These can include financial stability, health & wellbeing, relationships, career, mindset & habits, etc. Also, make sure you set realistic expectations.


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#4. Choose Carefully Where to Display

To make the most of your vision board, make sure you put it in a prime location. We recommend that you place career-oriented vision boards near your main workspace. On the other hand, you might prefer to put your personal-oriented vision boards in your bedroom.


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#5. Use Your Board When You Need to Make Decisions throughout the Year

Naturally enough, it is helpful to remind yourself of your intentions throughout the whole year, as well as to celebrate your accomplishments. However, it can be even more potent to use your vision board whenever you must decide. Simply, ask yourself: “Which of the following courses of actions align most with my intentions?” And choose accordingly.


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As you can see, making a vision board can be as easy as child’s play. Nevertheless, it can help you take the necessary steps to a fresh start. We encourage you to gather with friends and family and give yourself room for creativity.


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