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Long hours in stuffy airplane cabins might sound like a nightmare, but with a few home comforts and a little preparation it can be quite okay. To help you feel comfortable on your next trip we have selected several long flight essentials and useful flight tips. Check them out below.




Eliminate stress




It is very important to be relaxed when travelling. Treat yourself before the trip, have a nice breakfast or lunch, go to the gym, read a nice book, just give yourself some attention and love. Make sure you have all the necessary papers, your luggage is ready and you have the essentials with you. Check in early because the last thing you want before a long flight is rushing and panicking on a busy airport.

Dress Right



Probably one of the best tips for long flights is to pick comfortable clothes. Choose loose and soft pants and top, you are not there for a fashion show. Do not wear your jewelry, better pack it for when you arrive. It is best to wear closed toed shoes. Layering is important because it can get cold during the night. Pack your pajamas if you like to sleep on the plane.


Bring your pillow



The best airplane pillow for long flights is a small, comfortable travel pillow which is compact and easy to carry around. Travel pillows may look funny but they are going to save your neck anytime and let you relax during the long hours on the plane.


Stay Hydrated



Drink a lot of water during long flights, because you need to keep yourself hydrated. Although alcohol is served on most planes, stay away from it, because it is dehydrating and can mess up with your sleep. Do not worry about using the bathroom more often; staying hydrated is much more important at this point.


Keep it clean



Always bring toiletries in your carry-on luggage. Make sure you have wet wipes, tooth paste, tooth brush, deodorant and clean clothes.


Charge the devices



One of the most annoying things on a flight is when the tablet or music player runs out of battery in the middle of a game or a favorite song. To avoid this situation make sure all your devices are fully charged before the flight. Pack a pair of high quality headphones or earplugs.




A pair of noise-cancelling headphones is a good investment if you fly long hours on a regular basis. Upload some back-up movies onto your tablet in case the in-flight entertainment systems fail or your computer runs out of battery. Load a lot of podcasts on your device, they take less battery life than movies and can keep your interest for a very long time.


Pack some snacks



It is very important to stay well-nourished during a long flight. Airline food is not that plentiful, so it is important to bring your own snacks to munch on. There is no need to overdo it, but a couple of pieces of fruit or a granola bar is always good to have.




Follow the basic tips for long flights we shared with you and make your flights more enjoyable. These travel aids for long flights are very basic but they make a huge difference in how you feel while exploring the world by plane. Keep curious and hungry for new adventures and make sure you are comfortable and well even on the longest flights.



by Betty Stefanova


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