UK Halfpenny Christmas Getaways

Halfpenny Christmas getaway in UK

Sometimes all you want for Christmas is to be with the people you love and escape from the everyday routine for a while. But even if you are on a budget there are many places for UK halfpenny Christmas getaways. Instead of buying things people already have or do not need why don’t you just give them a well-deserved break from the festive madness and some time together.

Here is a list of cheap Christmas vacation ideas for every taste and pocket.


Halfpenny Christmas Getaways on the Coast

Halfpenny Christmas getaway ideas Cornwall lake with floating light decorations town in the background


Christmas and coast are starting to become a popular combination. Imagine walking along the beach with mulled wine in your hands. If your family fancies some time off from kitchen duties, leave the cooking to the folks at your chosen accommodation. You can enjoy some cozy local pubs as well where you can relax with a drink.



 Christmas halfpenny getaway Scotland view from above market town castle


If your four-legged family member is joining you there are various pet-friendly options, plus they will enjoy the beach too. There are a number of different spots to choose from including Cornwall, Devon, Scotland, Dorset etc.


Halfpenny Christmas Getaways in Town

Great Yarmouth Halfpenny UK christmas getaways seaside beach


The UK is home to so many charming, little towns. They are the perfect place to spend one of the best Christmas vacations. Great Yarmouth is one of these popular towns that has been attracting visitors since 1760. There is a beach too but also plenty of indoor activities, for example, a wide range of museums and lovely restaurants.

Halfpenny Christmas Getaways in the Woods

Christmas getaway in the woods cabin covered in snow woman with a lantern walking in background

Cabin interior christmas tree family of four man with a guitar


There is nothing more magical than spending Christmas in the woods. After all the hustle and bustle of big city life, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some family time.

You can pick a cabin or a cottage and experience the full charm of the holiday season. The cabins are great for families while the cottages are an excellent option for several families together. Nature has the ability to really take us away from it all, which is exactly what most of us need. Hampshire, Norfolk, Yorkshire or Cornwall are only some of the locations to look at.


Halfpenny Christmas Getaways in Wales

Christmas halfpenny getaways in UK Wales castle view from above fair

Christmas getaways seaside Yarmouth


If you are into traditional type of halfpenny Christmas getaways, Wales offers great options to choose from. There are different packages for long or short holiday breaks. Wales is one of the best destinations for a Christmas escape. It simply has it all, from carol singers and craft workshops to traditional festivities and gorgeous scenery.

Do you feel like doing something new with your family this holiday season? Simply determine your budget, choose where and how you want to go and book a halfpenny Christmas getaway to remember.


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