Top 5 Trending Christmas Themes in Home Décor for 2021


There are just a few weeks left until Christmas. So, it is time to take care of your home décor. In this article, we will explore 5 trending Christmas themes that can certainly help you fill your home with light and warmth.


navy and blue christmas theme collage with different decorations and a christmas tree


#1. Focus on the Colors Pink, Navy Blue and Turquoise

If you associate Christmas with the colors white, green, and red, then you are not alone. However, it is interesting to know that the trendy Christmas colors include turquoise, pink, and navy blue.


coastal blue holiday team outdoor christmas tree with light blue decorations and fairy lights on the window



Decorating with turquoise ornaments can help you turn your space into a light, luxurious, and airy Christmas sanctuary. On the other hand, combining deep blue tones with gray and purple shades can make your home look like a frozen tropical ocean.


modern christmas theme in clean white scandinavian style two images with white holiday decor
And if you want to create a refined, glamorous, and delicate atmosphere, definitely go for pink. Moreover, pink goes very well with gold and silver. So, feel free to give yourself space for creativity.


winter holiday wreath on white door golden metal and asymmetrical decoration with green foliage and colorful baubles


#2. Create Asymmetrical Wreaths

No matter what kind of happy Christmas theme you prefer, you probably like the idea of hanging a Christmas wreath on the front door. If this is so, know that asymmetrical wreaths are one of the trending Christmas themes this year. Not only do these wreaths look stylish, but they are also half as hard to make.


chic holiday decorations on a metal plate pink and rose gold baubles with pink roses


#3. Use Only Balls as Decoration Pieces

Believe it or not, the Christmas theme days when people used to buy all types of decoration items are gone. This year, it is trendy to follow a minimalist approach such as decorating with nothing but balls. You can choose any color. Yet, the trendiest ones include bottle green, white, silver, gold, and bronze.


christmas card garland hanging on a black mantel


#4. Display Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a significant part of a lot of holiday gift exchange themes. Nevertheless, they can play a big role in making your home look stylish this year, too. So, grab a few Christmas cards and decorate a wall with them. This will bring a playful touch to your home look.


golden decor small christmas trees on a table with a cake and fairy lights


#5. Add Rustic Accents

The last trending theme we want to present to you includes rustic accents. Use some plaid tablecloth to provide a few rustic notes in your décor. Another option is to select such ribbons in wreaths and garlands. This will definitely make you feel cozy as soon as you enter your home and look around.


christmas decorations from above different golden baubles on a white carpet


To sum up, there are people who assume that the list of Christmas tree themes remains unchanged and unsinkable every year. Nevertheless, designers come up with trending Christmas themes every year. So, use the stylish suggestions above as a source of inspiration and bring some Christmas magic into your home.


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