Top 5 Misconceptions to Let Go of in the New Year

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We have just entered 2022 and most of us have big hopes for it. Yet, if you really want to make the most of the next 365 days, then you need to stop doing what is not working. Here are the top 5 misconceptions to let go of.


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#1. You Can Only Make a Fresh Start at the beginning of the New Year

Our culture stresses a lot on New Year resolutions. Nevertheless, this is not always in our favour. On the one hand, the start of the year might not necessarily be the best time to undertake bold action and cultivate new habits at the very beginning of the year. On the other hand, you do not need to wait for another year to roll around before we can introduce changes in your life.


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#2. By Now I should have already …

It is very tempting to compare yourself with others. Moreover, it is as easy as a child’s play to set huge unrealistic goals that no one could achieve as fast as you want to. This can easily make you feel as though you are a loser who has not achieved as much as he or she should have. To escape this vicious cycle, we recommend that you learn to appreciate your own accomplishments and to celebrate every little step you make.


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#3. I Need to Do It by Myself

One of the top misconceptions successful people have let go of is the belief that they need to do everything on their own. If you identify with your achievements, then it is easy to avoid asking for help. Yet, this is a recipe for mediocracy. Nothing meaningful and significant can be created by one single person, so it is vital to transform this false belief.


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#4. I Can Open Up a New Chapter while Holding on to the Past

Another one of our favourite letting go misconceptions has to do with completing the past. We, humans, tend to hold on to activities and relationships we are used to even if they are harmful. However, it is crucial to only surround yourself with uplifting people and to only participate in meaningful projects.


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#5. I Cannot Start until I Feel Ready

We all want to feel ready before we take risks and make bold steps. Yet, evidence shows that you will not feel confident until you have gathered experience. So, do not be afraid of making mistakes and do not expect your first attempt to be perfect. Instead, give yourself permission to learn by trial and error and reward yourself for any accomplishment or lesson learned.


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These were our top 5 misconceptions to let go of in the new year. We hope that they will help you turn 2022 into one of the most successful years of your life. We wish you all the best!


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