Tips for Efficient Greenhouse Design


Do you want to extend your growing season in an easy and affordable way? Then building your very own greenhouse is a great idea. This way you will be able to provide you and your family with more quality food throughout the year.


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If you are motivated to start your greenhouse work, here are our tips for building a greenhouse.

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Keep it simple

There are different greenhouse designs and structures. However, it is best to keep it simple. An efficient greenhouse will give the same results as a more complicated and expensive one. Most manufacturers on the market offer a broad range of structures for various needs. Whether you are looking for a new greenhouse technology or trying to make an existing structure more efficient, this principle will always be valid – the simpler, the better. Your greenhouse design project starts with the greenhouse drawing, planning and choice of structure and materials.



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Structure Design

Many people think that the materials are greenhouse details, but actually, they play a major role in how efficient it is in the end. The frame is not as important as the covering, but you still need to think very well because you would want it strong and long-lasting.
Applying covering to a greenhouse is a complex task. One of the most important factors in the choice of appropriate material is the cover’s ability to retain heat.


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Get it covered

A single layer of poly film will provide great protection from the elements but it is not very efficient at keeping the internal temperature. A double layer with an inflation system is much better. A twin-wall polycarbonate cover is probably the most resistant to temperature variability and is very efficient. Plus, it lasts much longer than a poly film. Keep in mind that no matter what covering you choose, the greenhouse will lose heat during the winter and at night, so there must be a solution for retaining heat in place.


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Greenhouse Heating

The Sun provides a large portion of the necessary heat. But during the winter another heat source is needed. There are many options to heat a greenhouse like unit heaters, radiant systems, infrared heaters and more. One of the most efficient options is the radiant heating system.


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Heat Loss Prevention

The type of heating system is what makes the difference in the efficiency of the greenhouse. The best thing you can do is to control the temperature by installing a controller which automatically turns the heater on when needed. Another thing to consider is to make sure your greenhouse is free of air leaks. Keep the doors closed, repair tears in the covering and use insulation to prevent heat loss.


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Greenhouse cooling

If you are using your greenhouse during the summer, cooling becomes a consideration. There are various options for cooling among them a retractable shade system which reduces the amount of sunlight reaching the plants, natural ventilation and other methods which depend on the design of the greenhouse.


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We have covered the basics of efficient greenhouse design and we hope these tips will help you make your garden project work in the best possible way. Start simple and keep working on the efficiency of your greenhouse depending on your needs and the climate you live in.


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