The Wonders of Prague Architecture

Prague amazing architecture

Prague architecture is world-famous and there is a good reason why. The city – once the seat of the Kingdom of Bohemia is rich in architectural landmarks. This makes the Czech capital a paradise for history, art and design lovers. Its medieval centre has remained intact even after the bombings of the Second World War. The Prague buildings are an example of Baroque and Renaissance architecture that surprises the eyes.


Amazing prague architecture charles bridge statues prague towers


This is a city with history and every era has left its mark on the face of the urban landscape. From the Renaissance to the Communism and modernist, contemporary additions, Prague has a lot to offer.


Modern Prague architecture dancing house at night tram



Here are some of the most famous buildings in Prague that you shouldn’t miss.


Powder Tower

Prague architecture powder tower sunrise czech capital


Our Prague architecture guide starts with one of the symbols of the city – the Powder Tower. It’s a dramatic Gothic tower and one of the 13 gates to the city.


Prague Architecture Powder Tower evening Prague buildings

Powder Tower Prague Architecture busy square toursits


The building is studded with sculptures and its name comes from the times when it was a gunpowder warehouse back in the 17th century.


St Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church Prague city photo buildings in Prague

Prague architecture St. Nicholas Church towers clock tower church roof


Another example of famous Prague Architecture is the St. Nicholas Church. It took three generations of the same family and almost a century to build.


Prague architecture St. Nicholas Church towers clock tower famous Prague buildings

Buildings in Prague busy square tourists Czech capital beautiful buildings


It has an intense Baroque interior with beautiful frescos by Johann Kracker and an organ with 4,000 pipes once played by Mozart.


National Museum

Prague National Museum building Prague architecture


The National Museum is a Neo-Renaissance piece of Prague architecture that was built between 1891 and 1818. Its main entrance is especially impressive with sweeping staircases, ceiling frescos and intricate stonework.


National Museum Prague Architecture building during the day tourists

National Museum Prague square tourist sights Prague


It was designed by Josef Schultz.


Municipal House

Municipal House Prague square architecture touristic sights

Municipal House Prague architecture sightseeing Prague touirsm


This example of Prague modern architecture is a beautiful Art Nouveau building. With its stained-glass windows, gilded decorations and elaborate mosaics, it catches the eye of tourists and locals alike.


Municipal House Prague at night architectural style Prague architecture


The building was completed in 1911 and stands on the former site of the Royal Court Palace. Its interior features a popular restaurant and grand café.


Dancing House

Prague Modern architecture dancing house street modern design

Dancing House Prague modern design interesting Prague architecture

Dancing House Prague Architecture statue square modern architecture


Probably the most famous example of modern Prague architecture is the Dancing House. It was designed by a Croatian-Czech architect duo and opened in 1992. The house is famous for its curves but not many people know what it is on the inside. It hosts a top floor restaurant with impressive views of the River Vltava.


Dancing House Prague river cruise big ship modern prague architecture


Prague architecture is amazing and these gems prove it. Besides, there is always so much to see in this magnificent city. Prague itself is a kaleidoscope of different eras and architectural styles it is beautiful and worth visiting in every season.


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