The Ultimate Guide To Succulent Care


Succulents are able to survive in harsh conditions and are also quite low maintenance. They tolerate drought because they can store water. That’s why succulent care is minimal but still very important.


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Although people associate succulents only with the cactus family, there are many different species. While all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti. Sure, looking after cactus is quite simple, but it also requires your attention. Here are some tips on succulent care that will help you grow healthy and happy plants.



Succulent Care Tips

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Because they can retain water, succulents can thrive in dry, warm climates. The fact that they don’t mind a little neglect makes them a popular choice. Moreover, they adapt easily indoors and are ideal for people who want low-maintenance plants. If you are choosing or caring for a succulent for the first time, these tips will help you.


Succulent Care Tip 1: Choosing a succulent

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The first step is to choose a succulent which is appropriate for your indoor conditions. Most of these plants love direct sunlight, but if you are planning to put it in a corner, you may need to go with low light-tolerant plants. Always read the labels to determine the water and sunlight needs of your plant. Also, make sure you read about winter cactus care, repotting cactus and watering outdoor succulents.


Succulent Care Tip 2: Providing the Right Medium

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Succulents need a well-draining potting medium. You need to repot your plant as soon as you buy it and change the potting for a coarse mix with good aeration and drainage.


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There are special cactus and succulent mixes to further improve the conditions. Although cacti grow in sand in the wild, indoors they prefer loose, rocky soil.


Succulent Care Tip 3: Choose a container

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When repotting cactus use a container that has a drainage hole. Glass containers are not a good long-term solution because they do not allow the roots to breathe.


Succulent Care Tip 4: Pick the location

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Succulents thrive in sunny locations. Pick a suitable spot in your home and place your new plant there. If it doesn’t get enough sun it will start stretching toward the light.


Succulent Care Tip 5: Fertilize your Plants

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Like every plant succulents benefit from proper fertilization in the spring and in late summer. Use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer diluted according to the recommended instructions. Since the plants are not actively growing in the winter they don’t need to be fertilized during the cold season.


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Now you are ready and equipped to get your first succulent. These plants are low-maintenance and very easy to grow! So, if you follow these five simple steps you will be able to enjoy a thriving, healthy succulent at home or in the office.


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