The Transformative Power of Spring in the North

spring is here

Spring in the North has already arrived. So, it is once again that time of the year when promise, renewal and re-birth are in the air. In this article, we want to explore together the transformative power of springtime and how to make the most out of it.


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When Is the First Day of Spring?

Some people believe that March 1st is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. However, it turns out that this is not true. We might have had a little taste of spring earlier this March. Yet, the new season has technically started on the northern spring equinox.


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The spring equinox takes place a week before the March full moon each year. This means that there is no fixed date. We call that day “equinox” because the sun is shining directly on the Earth’s equator, so there are almost equal minutes of darkness and daylight all around the globe.


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Symbols of Spring

Spring is the season when nature is waking up from her dream and everything comes back to life. Flowers and trees awaken, the rains fertilize Mother Earth, cute baby animals are born, there is more sunlight etc.


baby animals little lamb on a green lawn looking at the camera


The change of seasons affects us as humans, as well. Spring is the time of new beginnings. As soon as spring is in the air, we experience a physical, emotional and spiritual rebirth. This allows us to open up, do things differently and feel more alive.


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How to Make Use of The Transformative Power of Spring

The spring equinox is the perfect moment to focus on a spring balance. Achieving balance and harmony requires letting go of what no longer serves us and celebrating what enhances our lives. Only if we embrace the light and the dark aspects within ourselves and outside, can we feel the power and beauty of new life.


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If you want to turn the spring equinox into a memorable experience, you can take part in some of the rituals all over the world. For instance, Druids, Pagans and Wiccans gather at England’s Stonehenge. They welcome the sunrise together by drinking cleansing dandelion and burdock cordials, as well as playing musical instruments.


spring in the trees blooming branches with gentle pink flowers


You can also celebrate spring in the North by visiting the Mnajdra Temples on the southern coast of Malta.

Besides, right before the spring equinox, you can join the Las Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain. It includes fireworks and a parade with huge paper-mâché figurines filled with firecrackers.


woman in spring on a tree blooming trees covered in white flowers


Interestingly enough, Siberians say goodbye to winter by beating drums, cleaning their houses, gathering together and making peace with everyone.

On the other hand, Italian women in Sicily plant pots and baskets with seeds of flowers, grains and vegetables. These seeds symbolize rebirth and new growth. Later they tie the stalks with red ribbons and put them on graves on Good Friday. They do so to demonstrate that life always wins over death.


spring in the green field yellow spring flowers blooming


We have arrived at the end of our journey through the transformative power of springtime. We wish you a happy and bright spring in the North.


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