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The Christmas Symbols and Why We See Them Everywhere

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As soon as December comes, people start getting into the festive spirit with holiday decorations. Seeing a star, an angel, an evergreen tree or a candle easily makes us think about Christmas. Yet, have you ever wondered what such symbols of Christmas actually mean? If that is the case, then join us as we explore the origins of common Christmas symbols and their meanings.


santa claus in his costume eating chocolate chip cookies with a tree in the background



Santa symbols are certainly some of the most famous Christmas symbols. Yet, did you know that Santa is primarily linked to the Greek bishop of Myra – St. Nicholas? He went door-to-door giving gifts as a way of showing love and celebrating the Savior.


christmas decor in red and green baubles and confetti stick




Red and green colors are also considered to be one of the symbols of Christmas. The color red represents the blood of Christ on the cross and the holly berries people used during winter solstice celebrations in ancient Rome.


christmas decorations tree decorated in green and red with presents under it and a reading chair

On the other hand, we tend to decorate evergreen trees each Christmas. The meaning of Christmas tree symbol has to do with eternal life and everlasting hope. In addition, Christmas trees point up to heaven. Therefore, another meaning of the Christmas tree in the Bible revolves around remembering to find God in all things.


tree ornament angel on a christmas tree dressed in white and gold



Stars symbolize the star of Bethlehem that guided the three Wise Men to the baby Jesus. They are famous symbols of Christmas because they are a sign of shining hope for humanity.
On the other hand, angels were the ones who proclaimed the news of the Savior’s birth on the first Christmas night.


jingle bells a pair of golden christmas bells with red ribbon on a pine tree branch



Wreaths are in circles that have no beginning and no end. In addition, they are often made of holly or pine branches that are evergreen. Wreaths are symbols of Christmas we hang on doors because they represent eternity and the never-ending love of God.

When it comes to bells, people have been using them for ages to guide lost sheep back to the fold. They are one of the famous Christmas symbols because they remind us that God is always there to help us. We can also view bells as a symbol of the moment when angels announced the Savior’s birth.

white christmas candle on a window sill surrounded by fruits nuts and glazed cookies



Other famous Christmas symbols include candles and lights. Whatever shape or form they might take, they symbolize that Jesus Christ is the light of the world.


cute colorful christmas stockings hanging from a mantel above a fireplace



According to legend, a poor man could not afford to give his three daughters a dowry. The father did not want to accept financial help. Therefore, St. Nicolas put three balls made of pure gold in each daughter’s stocking. This is how they managed to get married.


Christmas symbols two hands holding a box with red ribbon dried fruits cookies and pine branches

Today, a lot of kids all over the globe hang stockings on St. Nicolas Eve. People fill them with inexpensive and customized goodies that children unwrap on Christmas day. In terms of the gift-giving tradition, we can trace its origins to the birth of Jesus. On the one hand, the Wise Men who came to see him “presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh” (Matthew 2:11). On the other hand, gifts also symbolize that the Savior is the true gift of Christmas.


Christmas symbols the guiding star and the three kings on camels


We are at the end of our journey through the world of some famous symbols of Christmas. Hopefully, you liked it as much as we did. We wish you happy holidays and a lovely start of the New Year!


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