The Secrets of Human Interactions – Why We Love the Holidays So Much

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Who does not love the holidays? This is the time of the year when we have the chance to put work aside and have some fun with our loved ones. In this article, we want to delve deeper into the magic of human interactions – one of the reasons why we love holidays so much.


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Holidays Serve as an Anxiety Buffer

We all know how uncertain and stressful everyday life can be. Therefore, predictable holiday rituals and traditions give us comfort, structure, and permission to enjoy the moment. Even people who are not huge fans of holidays love holidays in the winter season. This is so because it is easier to leave your worries behind when you prioritize human connection.


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Furthermore, it is useful to know that social support can be very helpful for navigating stressful situations. So, in these hectic times, we all need even more quality time with people we genuinely care for.


family gathering around a rich table with different dishes people eating and talking


The Power of Holiday Meals

A good festive meal can always make me love my holidays. Yet, the power of happy holiday meals lies in the fact that food and meal preparation can bring the whole family together.


granny and grandchild laughing and having fun in front of a christmas tree


Think about this for a moment. Our ancestors used to gather around the fire so that they could roast their hunt. Therefore, it would not be exaggerated to claim that cooking has always been a defining characteristic of the human species.


giving gifts for Christmas family enjoying time together in a holiday environment


Even nowadays we tend to associate a ceremonial meal with the community. No matter what cultural background we come from, it is easier to initiate conversations and strengthen bonds when we bring friends and family together around the table.


two young children decorating a christmas tree at home with a home environment in the background


Gift Exchange Is an Act of Caring

Getting together with family can have numerous effects on our mental health. Yet, even if we have our fair share of difficulties when it comes to family ties, we can utilize the power of presents.


family fun around the christmas tree and a fireplace family playing jokes and having fun


Everybody wants to know that she or he is appreciated and loved no matter what. And receiving a personalized gift is one of the ways in which we can show others how much they mean to us. Nevertheless, keep in mind that different people have different love languages. So, in some cases, it might be more meaningful to focus on words of appreciation, a nice hug, playing a game together, or doing a task instead of your loved one.


family holiday gathering around the christmas table laughing and tasting the meals


To sum up, there are many reasons why we love the holidays. Yet, one of the main ones is that we get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of connection. We, humans, are social beings. So, rewarding relationships and bonds will always remain one of our main sources of satisfaction.


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