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It is great to have your own garden where you can relax and share beautiful moments with your loved ones. Yet, how do you choose between the different types of outdoor furniture and accessories? Let us look at some of the most durable garden furniture and accessories, as well as how to care for them, so you don’t need to replace them every year.


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Plastic Furniture

The most long-lasting patio furniture is not made of plastic. Plastic is also not eco-friendly. Yet, choosing plastic furniture can have benefits, too. For instance, it is relatively weather resistant. Besides, it is easy to maintain and cheap.


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Taking care of plastic furniture is not hard. To keep it clean and fresh, wash the grime off with an abrasive solution and warm, soapy water.



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Wooden Furniture

If you are looking for a durable outdoor bench or table, wood might be a great option to go for. You can choose between softwoods (cedar, pine, etc.) and hardwoods (eucalyptus, teak, etc.). Softwoods are cheaper but need constant protection. On the other hand, hardwoods are more suitable for outdoor furnishings, yet they are more expensive.


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All in all, durable garden furniture made of wood looks natural, can be repainted, and does not retain heat. However, it can be expensive and requires annual maintenance. Once per year, you will need to apply a wood-cleaning product. Moreover, experts recommend that you keep your wooden furniture covered when the weather is cold or wet.


stylish white furniture with colorful cushions and throws rattan lighting fixtures hanging from a white ceiling between large columns


Metal Furniture

Metal can be perfect for anyone who wants to buy low-maintenance and durable patio furniture. This type of furniture is weatherproof and sometimes foldable. It is usually perfect for tiny gardens. Nevertheless, metal will get hot when the temperatures are high and you will need to store separately the cushions that often come with such furniture.


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To take care of metal furniture and prevent rusting, use a protective sealant. Also, it is recommendable to clean it with soapy water from time to tie. Last, but not least, experts recommend that you keep metal furniture out of the elements.


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Rattan Furniture

People who want to buy long-lasting garden furniture often choose rattan. Both natural and synthetic rattan look stylish. Yet, synthetic rattan is cheaper, more weather-resistant, and weatherproof. Rattan is not very heavy therefore it cannot withstand strong winds.


outdoor party colorful outdoor space with wooden furniture in a secret small garden with green plants


If you choose natural wicker furniture and do not want to clean it regularly, then do not leave it outside. When it comes to synthetic rattan, it does not need specific maintenance, but it is good to keep it covered in extreme weather conditions.


quality durable furniture on a wooden porch surrounded by a garden


To sum up, it is not always necessary to buy furniture replacements every year. If you go for some of the most durable garden furniture options, you can save time, energy, and money in the long run.


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