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The Healthiest Eggs to Eat


Many people stand in front of the egg display in the supermarket or grocery store completely confused, wondering about what eggs to choose. All those labels don’t make it much easier!
Should I get organic eggs? Are brown or white healthier? What’s cage-free and pasture-raised? So many questions! Ultimately what people are looking for is the healthiest type of egg.

Let’s see which are the healthiest eggs and how to shop and read the labels easily.


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Check your priorities

You should know what is important to you even before going to the store. Are you concerned about the nutritional value or is the animal welfare more important? Do you shop on a budget or is the environment dear to your heart. Is the diet of the animals important for you?



Which are the healthiest eggs?

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Here comes the moment to discuss the labels. Most eggs come from hens who live in closed cages in bad conditions. The stressful environment prevents them from carrying out many of their natural functions.


Cage-free eggs

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This label means the hens live free and lay their eggs in nests. It is a better environment for them but that doesn’t guarantee that they live a cruelty-free life.


Free-range eggs

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This means the hens are having access to the outdoors and they can move more freely in a natural environment.


Natural eggs

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This label doesn’t mean much. It can stand for the fact that the eggs don’t contain any additives.


Organic eggs

This label means that the company has a certificate. It guarantees that the hens are raised following the same system as pastured eggs, which includes an organic diet with no antibiotics, pesticides or fertilizers.


Pasture-raised eggs

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These are certified by an external organization. The label means the hens were free and have access to outdoor space. The hens could eat grass and bugs in addition to their food which means it’s possible that the eggs are richer in nutrients. Research the company or brand you are purchasing from or talk to the farmers on your local market to find out how they are treating their animals.


Brown or white eggs?

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What is the healthiest egg type – brown or white? Actually, they are pretty much the same as nutritional values. The difference is in the thickness and quality of the shell. The quality of the egg doesn’t depend on its color. Generally, the white-feathered hens lay white eggs and the ones with the reddish feathers tend to lay brown eggs.
What’s the healthiest way to eat eggs? Poached, scrambled or boiled – what is the best way to prepare eggs? Poached eggs are usually cooked with no oil or fat, so they are a great option. However, always make sure you cook them well.

When boiling the eggs the yolk isn’t exposed to high temperature, so the cholesterol doesn’t get damaged. Plus, you can serve boiled eggs anytime and you can keep them in the fridge or eat them as a snack in the afternoon.

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Scrambled eggs can be prepared with a little amount of fat to save calories. Be careful when you cook them. If you leave them sitting around before you eat them the cholesterol in the yolks gets damaged. So, cook them at low temperature and eat them straight away.

We hope after reading these tips you will choose eggs easily and will prepare them in the healthiest and most delicious way. Enjoy!


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