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The Healing Power of Crystals


Crystal healing is used to protect against disease and cure ailments. The supporters of this technique believe that crystals allow positive energy to flow into the body and the negative energy flows out.


woman with crystals on her forehead and chest with eyes closed



Although there is scientific evidence behind crystal healing it has seen increased popularity in recent years. Nevertheless, healing crystals remain popular at Spa and holistic centres. The use of crystals in such environments can help with relaxation. Here is a list of crystals for health & wellbeing you can choose from.



rose quartz stones close up


Rose quartz

This crystal is associated with love and it is said to help restore the harmony in relationships and improve connection. It is also great for giving comfort in times of grief. This crystal has the power to encourage respect, love and trust for one’s self. Rose quartz is one of the best crystals for depression and anxiety because it restores the feeling of self-worth.


black obsidian stones on a white background shiny crystals



Obsidian is a protective stone which helps against emotional and physical negativity. It promotes qualities like clarity, compassion and strength and helps get rid of emotional blockage. This is one of the crystals good for depression because it helps people find their true sense of self. It is also good for detoxification and digestion reducing pain and cramps.

citrine crystal yellow brown white raw crystal



Citrine is another beautiful crystal that can help with depression. It brings joy and enthusiasm in every part of your life. It helps release negative energy from your life and turn fear into warmth, motivation and clarity. The citrine also encourages qualities like concentration and creativity.


turquoise stones arranged in a circle



This gorgeous blue crystal is said to help heal the body, mind and soul. It is one of the crystals that help with headaches. It is said to bring good luck, emotional balance and helps you find a spiritual ground. When it comes to its physical properties it’s said to benefit the skeletal, respiratory and immune system.


tiger eye stone bracelet close up on a white background

Tiger’s eye

This is the perfect stone for people who need power and motivation. It helps get rid of negative energy, fear, anxiety and self-doubt. It also helps guide you to balance and harmony and clears your mind when you need to make conscious decisions. Now you know what are some of the most popular and powerful crystals for healing. The best way to choose the best one for you is to identify what you feel inside and what you are missing. Your intuition will guide your choice. Go for the crystal that catches your eye or you feel physically attracted to. Once you pick one out, you can create the connection you need.


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