The Best Destinations to Visit in a Post Covid World


Living in a post-Covid world means that we will continue to be faced with different levels of restrictions. Nevertheless, it is once again possible to travel more freely. If you are wondering about the best destination to visit in 2022, you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about new travel habits, as well as the most beautiful places in the world you should choose or avoid visiting.


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New Travel Habits

Before we have a look at the worst and best places to travel now, it is worth saying a few words about how travel habits have evolved. A lot of people used to travel for social prestige and “likes”. Nevertheless, the pandemic made us realize it is important to travel for the right reasons.
Most of us now crave wide-open spaces. Therefore, numerous tourists choose to explore the wild or go to parks.


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Next, instead of choosing the best holiday destinations, people now take slower trips that include more than one location. It gets more and more attractive to engage with local communities, as well as to spend long in a certain place and work from there.


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Vacation Spots to Avoid and Best Countries to Visit

In May 2022, there are around 30 countries that have completely restricted entry to non-citizens. These include the Mainland China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, among others.


philippines tropical beach with white sand a palm trees in the background


On the other hand, there are numerous countries where you can travel with no quarantine requirements or Covid testing. Some of the best vacation spots in South America are Argentina, Cuba, and El Salvador. Occasionally, you might be asked to be subject to a random test, but still, measures are not so strict.


sight in cuba colorful houses and a classic retro car on the street


If you want to visit Europe, you also have plenty of options to choose from. The UK has removed all coronavirus-related travel restrictions. Besides, there are no longer Covid restrictions to mainland Denmark irrespective of vaccination status. The situation is similar in Norway, Latvia, Hungary, etc.


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The New Trend: Escaping Close to Home

Most countries have lifted a significant part of the travel restrictions. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that a new trend has emerged. Before the pandemic, we used to aim at visiting exotic destinations. Living in the post-Covid world has helped us comprehend that there is beauty all around us.


sight in Norway shot from above a natural landscape and a fjord


Taking all this into consideration, it is not surprising that experts recommend researching interesting destinations nearby. No matter where you live around the globe, one thing is for certain. There are probably plenty of sights, parks, etc. you can visit without going too far away.


picture from china with red lanterns everywhere and a dark blue night sky


To sum up, there might still be various restrictions after the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, people who love travelling can gradually return to living in alignment with their passion. We hope that this article will help you identify the best destination to visit in a post-Covid world.


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