The Beautiful Nature Of Estonia


Estonia beautiful nature


Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe with the incredibly beautiful scenery. It has a remarkable variety of national parks, and scenic landscapes, islands and beautiful coastline.


Northern and Western Estonia

Journey through the lands of Northern Estonia and the West Coast will reveal to you many beautiful and unique natural pictures. You will have the opportunity to see the impressive seascapes, fishing villages and pine forests, overgrown with moss.



Lahemaa National Park



Lahemaa is the largest of the four national parks in Estonia, and its forests are one of the best kept in the territory of Europe. Exploring the numerous eco-trails with a little luck you can see elk, boars and other large animals. In the National Park Lahemaa live nearly 50 species of mammals, over 200 species of birds and about 20 species of fish. The Park was founded in 1971 by then was the first National Park in the Soviet Union.


The Botanical Garden of Tallinn



The Botanical Garden of Tallinn is situated in Pirita River Valley, about 10 km from the Centre of the capital. Here you will have the opportunity to explore the huge variety of plant species typical for Estonia.



Matsalu National Park



Matsalu National Park is one of the most visited places for monitoring waterfowl. Exploring the eco-trails which are many will make you enjoy the beauty of this place. They will take you to the towers for observation of feathered game and wading birds. Entering the sea, you can discover the beauty of the Estonian Islands with their unique nature, ancient villages, charming windmills and ancient churches.



Kaali Meteorite Crater



Kaali Meteorite Crater on the island of Saaremaa was formed approximately 7500 years ago due to a fallen meteorite. The lake that mold is in the form of a perfect circle with a diameter of 110 metres and has a depth of 22 metres.


Panga Cliff

panga_pank_sven_zacek Panga Cliff Estonia beautiful nature


Panga Cliff is limestone cliff overlooking the sea. Its height reaches 21.3 metres, and the length is about 2.5 km. In the past it has been a place for sacrifices.


Vilsandi National Park

Estonia beautiful nature Vilsandi National Park seal observation


Vilsandi National Park is one of the best places for the observation of gray seals. Here you can see hundreds of waterfowl. The vegetation in the park is also very impressive and includes over 30 species of orchids.


South Estonia



Nature of South Estonia is also especially impressive. These are lands where wooded hills alternate with beautiful lakes. In the summer you can swim in the many small lakes and go for a hike, and when the snow falls, you can indulge in winter sports. In the forests, however, be careful – it is likely to encounter large predators.


Soomaa National Park



Soomaa National Park is famous for its beautiful scenery and a “fifth season”, when a large part of its territories is flooding. Travel by canoe through pristine forests is an unforgettable experience.


Suur Munamagi



Suur Munamnagi (or in translation “big egg mountain”) is the highest Hill in the territory of the three Baltic States.


Adventure Park Otepaa


The Adventure Park offers many climbing, jumping and plenty of entertainment.


Piusa sand caves


Piusa caves represent a large underground system of caves, left over from a former sand quarry. Today the largest bat colony in Eastern Europe winters there.


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