Tangier – The Memory Of The Lost Paradise


Tangier Medina street


Romantic city still makes the visitors to dream. Iis exotic atmosphere continues to attract celebrities, charmed by its beautiful buildings – authentic and with stunning views of the ocean. Temple of easy money, manners and boisterous traffic of whatnot, frankso ex-port has a long history, replete with atrocities and invasions.


Tangier morocco street view with chairs in front of white facades


The English writer Paul Bowl compares it with “the set of swamp spectacle, drawn in violation of the laws of perspective”.




Tangier street market




Between two puffs of smoke Muhammad Peace with errant glance and frozen smile on his face, standing in front of one of the gates of the Tangier Kasbah. Frank Zappa criss-crossing between the Café Hafa in the heights of  Marchand and the area of Tanger Inn, a favorite meeting place for beat generation in the late 1960s. Nicknames of those tangier that are offered for tourist guides, speak for themselves. As the song of Pink Floyd, which sounds on the radio. Or the type of the only French tourist, dared to lay in one of the rooms at the ramshackle “Cecil”. There he spends his days awaiting unknown what, watching sloughing off the paint on the favorite hangout of Michel Foucault and Roland Barthes in the 1970s.


lissy-schaper-in-swimwear-by-triumph-photo-by-f-c-gundlach-tangier-1964 Lissy Schaper


There are many abandoned buildings in the city. Surrounded by an overgrown Garden “Otel de France”, where Mathis stayed. The “Reef”, visited by Elizabeth Taylor and Mick Jagger, whose bartender-turned-in guard, guarding the only dusty dance floor.


Elizabeth is a bejewelled beauty in a green kaftan in 1969 and Grecian hair. In Tangiers, Morocco.


Barbara Hutton in Tangier


Is it only a memory that like a magnet attracting Tangier, located at the entrance of Africa? No doubt about it.






Temple of easy money, manners and boisterous traffic of whatnot, frankso ex-port has a long history, replete with atrocities and invasions. First, the Romans in 429, last of the Vandals, then the Byzantines, Arabs, Spaniards and finally the British who demolished the Tangier Kasbah, before leaving the city in 1684. Saint Francois called it the “Center of sin”. The name of the Moroccan town connects with many literary and artistic events. Tangier has been illuminate by the lavish festivities organized by billionaires Paul Forbes and Barbara Houghton. The latter has not hesitated to expand one of its streets, so you can pass a Rolls-Royce with. In Tangier, of course, there are also beautiful remnants dating from the era when the city was benefiting from the status of an international zone, between 1923 and 1956, before joining Morocco in 1975. Subsequently, sunk in idleness, characteristic of the geographical position.




Perched on the Strait of Gibraltar, up the cliffs jutting over the Atlantic, the city with the wuthering by the winds edges, looks to Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. It collect all guests for the European El Dorado. Astonishing Farrago is that port, ‘’reaching’’ to the nearby Spanish coast.  With its exotic Tangier irresistibly attracts famous designers, musicians, writers and other celebrities who can’t get enough of transcendent views of the ocean. Of course, the place is much more authentic than Marrakech. The city is not tourist locations where one can rest. To this day it continues to hovers “something sinister, sometotal unconcern.”


Tangier-port view from air


Tangier has never offered peace. And today this applies to a greater degree than yesterday.

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