Stylish Stools For Kitchen

f stylish seating furniture for the kitchen-the bar stool


Stylish Stools for Kitchen Use


Contemporary bar stools aluminium feet bar stools for your kitchen


From my professional experience as an interior designer, I know that today’s features are in really wide variety. One of the essentials in the modern kitchen is the island – a large rectangular or square construction, usually in the middle of the room, providing enough space for storage with its drawers and shelves. It’s surface is usually used for cooking or preparing meals.



Designer bar Chair in Brown and white bar stools for your kitchen


Another great feature in today’s kitchen is the bar. There are many families that like having a small bar , so that they can use it either for displaying some interesting decorations or to use it for a quick cocktail and chat while cooking. Personally, I like to go back home, have a quick shower and then go the kitchen where my wife prepares the dinner. We together make a pleasant company to each other chatting. I just sit on the kitchen island on a bar stool, drink a quick beer and wait for her to make the dinner ready.


Height-adjustable armrests in chrome bar stools for your kitchen


That’s why today I have collected some interesting examples of  bar stools that everyone of us can use at home. They are great since they are able to provide the needed comfort for a short break. So, let’s have a look at these kitchen bar stools.


Industrial model bar stools for your kitchen


Kitchen Bar Stools – Why to Choose Them?


Kitchen island bar stools made of wood in white bar stools for your kitchen


As I have already outline, they have many functional advantages. Kitchen bar stools can used either at the kitchen island or the bar, of course, if you have any. If you haven’t seen any bar stools I must outline their main features:
They are higher than the traditional chairs or armchairs because bars and islands are much higher than traditional coffee or dinner tables;
They have legs which help them lift the seat;
Most of them have backrests. Well, there are some traditional designs that exclude the backrest, but as overall it is a very common feature of bar stools.


Luxurious barstool from leather bar stools for your kitchen


Kitchen Bar Stools – What Style to Choose?


Minimalism bar chairs from the metal bar stools for your kitchen


To be honest – it all depends on your home and more precisely, your interior design style. If you have a traditional or classic kitchen, maybe it’s best for you to search for those leather bar stools with buttons and ornate wooden frames. They are a little bit more expensive than the ordinary ones, but it’s because the cost of the materials and what is more – they provide unique elegance and luxury in your home.


Modern bar stools from steel bar stools for your kitchen (2)


On the other hand, if you live in a modern city condo or a minimalist or futuristic house, then you’d better think about those polished type of materials. Have in mind that kitchen bar stools that suit best in contemporary interiors are mainly made from glass, metal and mdf.



Modern eclectic designer bar Chair made of wood and burlap bar stools for your kitchen



Simple traditional design in ivory bar stools for your kitchen


Traditional bar stool without backrest in leather bar stools for your kitchen


Traditional leather bar stool with backrest bar stools for your kitchen



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