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Shelves are very functional and every homeowner knows that. But there is a trendy application these days of baskets which are used as storage containers on shelves. There are even shelves which are specially designed, forming boxes, where baskets can be accommodated. Today, I have collected some really amazing images of shelves with baskets – either with hooks or for storage.


Mediterranean Home Office Organization order shelving baskets storage


Shelves with baskets for storage


When I was browsing through the tons of images taken in American and European families homes I came upon some really attractive ideas with baskets. People use them for storage and the most common places where you can find these creative home accessories are the laundry and the kitchen.


Kitchen island kitchen organization modern storage basket storage


In one of the images here you can clearly find a giant kitchen cabinet with shelves on one of its sides. The shelves are protected in a boxed construction so baskets can perfectly fit in there. This a truly functional attitude towards creating comfortable cooking areas. Having baskets in the kitchen can help you keep your spices, some kitchenware as well as your favorite flatware. This is extremely helpful for families that lack space in cabinets, for example.


White wardrobe storage baskets storage


Laundry room shelving system order budget modern storage


Laundry room laundry room storage wall shelf basket storage


As for the laundry, I can’t even think of a better way to keep your clothes separated by colors, family member and type than arranging them in different baskets.


Laundry room wall shelf laminate countertops sinks elegant modern storage


Rustic wooden laundry wash bag storage basket pendant light storage shelving


Shelf basket laundry right system tray modern storage


Even more – you can write notes on each basket so there won’t be any need to open the basket and see its content.


Shelves with baskets and hooks

Vintage wall shelf hanger decoration cushion basket photo frame bench black storage


Those are lovely. Many homeowners have large entryways. Having a large entryway means that you need to both decorate it and add some functionality in it. One of the ways to make this place attractive is to add an entryway bench. The other is to think about additional storage options. You can either have them beneath the bench or on the wall. Personally, I like the wall options since you won’t need to crawl to reach your stuff.


Hallway furniture floor cloakroom modern hangers shoe rack storage shelf


Entrance hallway organization traditionally floor cloakroom coat hook wall shelf-storage bench


Wall shelves with baskets and hooks are great when it is up to storing your rain coats, purses, keys, umbrellas, shoes and bags. You can simply put your stuff on the hooks when you come back and home and take it again when you leave the next morning. It is comfortable and they do not take a lot of place.


Entrance hall cloakroom shoe rack basket bench color retention


Baskets are great in this composition because they can provide you with some privacy when you don’t want to display your belongings. I mean you won’t hide them, but at least they won’t be an accent at first sight when somebody enters your house. And, to be honest, they add a pleasant charm in your entryway.

More interesting designs and ideas you can find – HERE.



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