Spring Landscape Design for Gardens of All Size

choosing colorful plants

Spring 2022 is officially here. So, it is time to take care of your spring landscape design. Below you can find 6 tips for moving one step closer to your new spring landscaping. Enjoy!


Spring Maintenance person mowing a green lawn in spring


#1. Start with Spring Lawn Maintenance

Before we have a look at spring landscape design ideas, we need to say a few words about April lawn care. To prepare your lawn for the new season, it is important to rake, aerate, and assess the soil. Besides, it helps to overseed, fertilize, apply herbicides, and service the lawnmower.


hanging planters plants on a simple black round metal frame on a white background



#2. Use Hanging Planters in Your Design

Hanging planters are a great way to make a living room feel fresh and cozy. However, you can also use them outdoors. Some plants can grow upside down from the ceiling. Others can be used to create a garden fence with containers.


choosing colorful plants for your spring garden a garden blossoming in different colors on the two sides of a path


#2. Create Beautiful Garden Paths

Another great way to create a stunning spring landscape design includes garden paths. They make gardens look more interesting. In addition, garden path designs allow you to set your creativity free.


tips for planting a garden with small trimmed bushes and trees and palm trees in the background


#3. Add Shrubs and Trees

If you like structure, then add trees and shrubs. Structure plays an important role in creating a nice-looking design. Some shrubs and trees have unique textures that add an incredible touch to the spring garden. Moreover, they are impressive without having to flower.


bulbs plants in the ground with gardening tools


#4. Do Not Forget to Add Bulbs

Tulips, grape hyacinths, and daffodils are just a few of the mesmerizing spring-blooming bulbs that you can easily grow. So, make use of this opportunity to turn your spring garden into a flower paradise. On the one hand, bulbs do not need a lot of care. On the other hand, they are so colorful that they will brighten your spring garden.


spring landscaping garden with flowers and green bushes pink flowers and green grass


#5. Pay Attention to Balance

If you aim at a beautiful spring landscape design for your garden, balance the size and scale of the plants. Position large spring-blooming shrubs in some of the areas far from your house. However, plant subtle flowers next to your seating spot so that you can enjoy them. This would not be possible if they are far away because they will be harder to see.


landscape design garden decor a large red container in a garden with flowers blossoming around it


#6. Choose Your Color Palette Consciously

Color is one of the key factors for a great spring garden. So, to create a classic spring look, focus on pastels. These include white, lavender, pink, etc.


spring landscaping design white table with different cut flowers on it


Pastel colors are easy to match and mix and allow you to create a relaxed ambience. Yet, if you want to enjoy a peppy mood, choose colors like bright orange or red instead.


spring flowers in a pot in a green garden next to a creek


To sum up, there are numerous ways in which you can take care of your garden in springtime. Hopefully, the spring garden landscaping ideas listed above will serve as an act of inspiration when you plan your spring landscape design.


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