Spring Interior Trends to Look Forward to This Season

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There are less than 10 weeks left until the start of spring 2022. So, it is time to have a look at this year’s spring interior trends. Keep reading to learn our top 5 styling tips.


multi functional spaces comparison of two living spaces one modern the other retro in similar colors


#1. Create Multi-Functional Spaces

One of our most favourite spring home decor trends is all about multi-functional spaces. Most of us switched to a remote mode of working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, it is no surprise that we need smart storage ideas.


interior trends 2022 a modern living space with a table and two chairs and a modern lamp



If you need to store your gym equipment, consider purchasing an ottoman. On the other hand, it will be helpful to have a fold-down desk if you need to transform a small living room into a home office.

modernistic spring interior trends a modern dining space in bright colors and modern art


#2. Make Use of Thoughtful Zoning

Another one of the most practical spring decor trends refers to zoning. Zoning is all about creating divisions and individual spaces for rest, work, and play. This is particularly important for people who spend 90% of their time at home.


florals in the interior modern space with eclectic interior design florals on the wall colorful carpets and furniture


To use zoning, consider buying furniture layouts that can serve as separation. In addition, there are also rugs and room dividers that can be very helpful for utilizing small spaces.


classic blue interior wall with two pink chairs and metal wire tables under two paper fold lamps


#3. Go for Blue

Who does not want to feel free and revitalized once again? In this regard, it is no wonder that 2022 spring colours interior design trends are inspired by blue skies. According to the psychology of colour, blue can help you come up with new ideas, harmonize and relax. So, experts encourage us to inject more life into our homes in the coming season by combining rose pink and sky blue.


japandi style living room space with soft couch and a light wooden table library in the background


#4. Japandi Spring Interior Trends

Japandi is an interior design trend that revolves around combining natural materials with minimalist décor. It aims at turning our living spaces into a relaxing restful retreat.


spring interior living plants in home setting white living room with a window


Japandi reminds us to slow down and reconnect with nature. In this way, we can return to balance and boost our well-being. To incorporate Japandi into your home, simply go for wooden cutlery, earthen tableware, linen tablecloth, and an oak dining table. Also, do not forget to add touches of greenery.


pastel living room space with a pink table and pastel decorative cushions library in the background


#5. Return to Classic Florals

If you are about to change your wallpapers, then consider selecting a classic floral pattern. Florals are another tool for re-connecting to nature. This, on the other hand, can help us feel protected in times of increased stress and anxiety. And we all would benefit from a sense of calmness in these unprecedented times, right?


elegant living room with pink accent chairs and a metal coffee table large living plant in the background


This was our selection of 5 spring interior trends. We hope that they will help you welcome spring 2022 with more inspiration, joy, and determination.


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