Solutions For Kitchen Organization



Simple and yet effective – solutions for the kitchen organization

Do you know the attractiveness of an orderly and clean kitchen? Would you like to know how to do this without great cleaning? Here we present you some wise and simple ways of kitchen organization.

Chopsticks for beginners
In every circle of friends, there is a person who fights with Chinese chopsticks. You make fun of it, but it gets boring. Surprise everyone and make learning-sticks out of this simple mechanism within a minute! All you need is an old clothes peg and some chopsticks.




Adjustable spice rack
Here, the space between refrigerator and wall is optimally utilized. For example, A large drawer from the bed, divider, dowels and steering rollers. In a small kitchen, this shelf fits perfectly. Take a day off.



Raking as a parking space for wine racers Why did not this great idea come to us earlier?




Spout for preserving jars
Simply use the spouts and paper caps again and create reclosable solutions for preserving jars. The metal covers can be painted with special lacquer and later described with chalk. The covers are thus reusable.



The universal knifeblock
You can build such a knifeblock from wood. It would be simpler if you got a bamboo skewer (or dry spaghetti). Only a few packs of spaghetti you need and your fair block is ready! Sometimes the knives do not fit exactly with the salable knife blocks. This problem does not exist here.




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