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Smart Decision Making Techniques for the New Year

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The start of the new year seems to be the moment when most people make new decisions. However, to do this effectively, it is important to make use of smart decision-making techniques. In this article, we want to share with you 3 proven methods to improve decision making in 2022. Enjoy!


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#1. Be Aware of the Most Common Decision-Making Mistakes

To begin with, let us have a look at some common mistakes that can prevent you from making smart decisions. A lot of people believe that we, humans, make logical and rational decisions. However, it turns out that emotion plays a significant role in the process of decision-making.


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For example, it is well-known that we tend to make decisions driven by emotions. And after that, we look for logical arguments to back up those decisions. Unfortunately, this means that we often end up making choices because we want to gain pleasure or avoid pain. And this can easily turn into a recipe for disaster.


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#2. Use the Margin of Safety

If you want to make use of smart decision-making methods, then it is helpful to learn more about mental models. These models are frameworks that allow you to comprehend how the world operates. One of those models is all about leaving space for the unexpected. We are living in unprecedented times of uncertainty, so we all need to calculate a margin of safety.


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#3. Try Different Types of Decision Making Techniques First-Hand

It is not so easy to define the best decision-making techniques because different people have different needs. Some people like the brainstorming technique of decision making because it helps groups make decisions more effectively.


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In the first phase, all group members have the chance to share their ideas. And in the second phase, the team chooses the most suitable suggestion based on specific criteria.


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Other effective decision-making techniques include evaluating the pros and cons of each alternative and comparing options against one another. When it comes to personal decision-making, it is always helpful to think about future implications. Ask yourself: “If I choose option A, how will that impact my relationships, finances, career, health, etc.?”. Also, consider what impact that decision might have on your life in the short term and in the long run.


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To sum up, there are plenty of decision-making techniques that can help you be more effective in the new year. So, choose wisely what suits your personality. Also, do not forget that even the best decision will be pointless if you do not take proper action afterwards. So, make use of motivational goal-setting and act boldly, as well as consistently.


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