Six Amazing Artificial Island


There is something mystical in the Islands that stand lonely among the endless blue expanse. Today, thanks to advances in the field of science, people have started to create amazing artificial islands in different parts of the world. Here are some of them:

World Archipelago



This archipelago is located in the Persian Gulf in Dubai. It includes the small islands that recreate the world map and are at a distance of about 100 meters from each other. They’re made from sand scooped clean out of the shallow coastal waters of Dubai. The idea of the islands came from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai.


The Palm Islands





Jumeirah is one of the three artificial island, bearing the name Palm Islands, which are located on the coast of Dubai in the U.A.E…It is also the “youngest” one of them.


Swans island



Swan’s Island is a small artificial island in the river Seine in Paris. It was created in 1827 in order to protect the port of Grenel. Above it there are built three bridges. Today it is also the promenade with trees planted on both sides. One of the distinctive things about the island is the replica of the statue of liberty, which is in the scale of one to four against the original in New York.





Peberholm is an artificial island in the Danish part of the Öresund bridge, part of the Öresund bridge connecting Denmark with Sweden. The picturesque Island is created in order to provide a focal point between the bridge and tunnel, providing unobstructed connection between the two countries. Every year there are allowed only biologists there, whose aim is to preserve the ecological system of the island.


Spiral island



Spiral island in Mexico is floating artificial island created by British artist Richard Sosa – Rishi in 1998.




For the construction were used over a quarter of a million plastic bottles. After the island was devastated by Hurricane Emily in 2005, Soua started re-building of bigger and beautiful island. It is opened for visitors since 2008.


Islands Uros



Uros Islands in Peru are made of cane, growing on the shores of Lake Titicaca, Puno city. On this cane were built floating Island platforms. Depending on the size of the islands, each has between 2 and 10 Reed houses.




On the largest was built a watchtower. Unfortunately, the tourists have an impact on the traditional culture of the population of the Uros. Increased and problems related to the environment and people’s health.

These are not the only artificial islands in the world, which may become a solution to the growing need for land. Today, the world population has increased to such an extent that the lands are not enough. In addition, sometimes the Islands serve as platforms to be used for several other purposes, including industrial, scientific, ecological, etc. the scientists even believe that artificially created Islands can resolve the problem of rising water levels. Last but not least this type of Islands constitute a beautiful, scenic spots.


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