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Placebo Effect or Real cure?

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How can something act if it doesn’t exist?

In 1988 London journal “Nature”, whose prestige and reputation does not allow the desk to publish unconfirmed scientific reports, published an article written by a group of biologists led by French scientist Jacques Benveniste. The hardly understandable title of the article could leave the publication unnoticed, but the scientific world exploded.

“How can something act if it doesn’t exist?” – the respectable “Le Monde” asked. “Memory of the matter exists, but to transmit its properties via phone…” “The results of J. Benveniste’s group are embarrassing” – responded one of the renowned chemists.


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John Maddox, the Editor of the magazine «Nature», shot back: “Our minds are not so much closed, as they are not ready for changing the notion of how the modern science is structured” Much later, in the nineties, Benveniste said that the “memory” can be transmitted over a distance, and restored in a sample of water, which will have the same active properties as the sample from which the information was collected. Supported by Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prize winner, Benveniste made a sensational presentation in 1997 at the Congress of the American Association of Immunologists: “The transatlantic transmission of an immunoglobulin signal through the telephone line” (Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology).

Unfortunately, Jacques Benveniste will not have time to implement all his ideas and to complete his experiments. Unrecognized by orthodox science, he died in 2004. Years passed, and the twentieth century – a century of progress and scientific discoveries – was followed by the twenty-first century – the age of the Internet and nanotechnology. In 2011, the VI Annual Water Conference was held in USA (Vermont). The conference was attended by two Nobel laureates: Brian David Josephson and Luc Montagnier. The conference was devoted to the variety of properties and applications of water, and also it touched upon the issue that caused so many disputes back in 1988. Properties of a drug can be transmitted to a temporary carrier and then transferred via phone, Internet, and any other wired or wireless communication lines.


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All the advantages, all the power of a drug can be transmitted to an ordinary glass of water without any distortion! This means that you can get your dose of medicine from a glass of water standing on a CD, the latter in this case will serve as a temporary carrier. Conference organizer, a renowned scientist Gerald Pollack, professor at Washington University (Seattle, WA) has invited DST Foundation scholars (non-commercial charitable organization) to present the project “Emission”. About 3 years ago the Foundation started to work on a project “Emission”.The essence of this invention consists in enabling a drug to be transmitted via communication lines, while retaining the qualities of this drug. Since then, dozens of tests and experiments were carried out. The feeling of some kind of fantasy still remains.  In fact, it manifested development of a totally new product.


And all this possible only because of water molecule?

 Source: newpharm


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