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I like it when it’s summer time! I can spend many hours with my friends out there in the garden areas near my home. And the outdoor dining sets are something that I wouldn’t be able to create my garden paradise without.


Urban terrace design garden furniture sets



What did I do? Well, just bought an outdoor dining table and a set of four chairs, placed them just in front of my house under the pergola and now we have a fantastic place to spend the countless hot summer hours in the evenings with amazing views over the ocean. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


Moderne Rattansessel am Swimmingpool-Gestaltung Gartenmöbel Sets


If you are looking for outdoor dining sets you should definitely pay some attention to the gallery bellow because we have tried to extract all the available options that one can find out there in the market.


Outdoor dining set types


Black and white garden furniture sets


In order to know that is the type of outdoor dining sets that will fit in your exterior design style you should know the following:
Contemporary and modern sets – if you have a luxurious modern, minimalist or futurist house, you should definitely pay attention to these types of dining furniture. Have in mind not only the exterior but also the interior design as they both create a coherent environment.


Colourful sofas pool urban design garden furniture



Eclectic garden furniture sets near ocean romantic table for two


Vintage and traditional sets – they are great for classic or modern types of house and their outdoor areas. Just place the traditional dining furniture, throw a party and enjoy the night with fantastic meals.


High dining table with six bar stools outdoor furniture set


Industrial dining table furnishings - garden furniture set


Urban sets – they are great for those types of house which have pools outdoors. Usually, the typical dining chairs for this types of sets are substituted by either sofas or armchairs.


Luxurious furnishings in black garden furniture sets


Minimalist design in the outdoor garden furniture sets


Outdoor garden furniture sets wine glasses set


Romantic sets – do you have a French style outdoor area? Then place a vintage romantic dining set in the garden and pay attention to the number of chairs at the table. You need only two placed one against another.


Rattan furniture outdoor patio furniture sets

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