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Nail Issues And Fungal Toe Care Tips




The changes related to the nail revealed abnormalities in maternal health, sometimes considerably serious.


When the nails become too pale, it could be a sign of anemia, liver disease, heart failure, shortage of nutrients. If the nails are not just faded, and white, and the edges darker, may suffer liver – even hepatitis.


faded white nails issues with liver



Yeast infection of the nails is among the most common causes of yellowing them. If we allow the infection to get worse, it can lead to dodge the nail bed and thickening and violation of the integrity of the nail.


In more rare cases, yellow nails can issue the serious diseases such as psoriasis, lung disease, severe disease of the thyroid gland.


A deficiency of oxygen in the body can be indicated by blue hue of the nails. This condition can also be a symptom of a problem with the lungs such as emphysema. Some heart problems are also associated with a bluish tinge to the nails.


If the surface is wavy, this may be an early sign of psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis. We can observe frequently discoloration of the nail; the skin underneath it looks reddish-brown.


ridges nails issues


When the nail is split and crack, it is possible to be a symptom of thyroid disease. If it is in combination with a yellowish tint,is likely to be the case of yeast infection.


Fungus on toes and nails are a common problem, which is significantly “flare up” during the warm summer months.


Fungal nails people with flip flops


The fungus is spread by spores, you can be infected through contact with infected skin surface. The most favourable environment for the development of fungal spores provide warm moist places, such as public baths, swimming pools and enclosed and non-ventilated shoes.


Nail anatomy


In the human body, Fungi grow best in feet and between your toes-places where moisture and heat provide the optimal environment for the development of spores. Other favorite places for fungi are the genitals and head.

In yeast infection the skin of the affected area is red, serbs strongly and peels off. May appear unpleasant smell, small sores or pustules. According to specialists, fungal infections affect smokers and diabetics, due to the reduced forces of the body.

Often tolerated mistake of patients are attempts at self-healing. Many of the infected are buying from the pharmacy an antifungal remedy without consulting a specialist. Doctors are adamant that the action of the antifungal preparations is not always effective and the results are manifested after quite a long period of treatment. Every second person, however, interrupts therapy too early and the yeast infection spreads again. It is good in the beginning to make a consultation with a specialist to establish the exact cause and appointment of adequate therapy.


toe fungus treatment


The most common consequence of improper treatment of the fungus is spread on the hands, scalp, mucous membranes, nails. Bacteria can easily penetrate there and cause complications.

The fungus on the toenails are a common problem in which patients do not pay enough attention. It is estimated that 8% of people suffer from fungus under fingernails, as only 20% of the victims are seeking timely consultation with a specialist.

Symptoms, which can identify the fungus on the nails are:


  • the nails remain without glitter
  • appear white, yellow or brown spots
  • the nail plate hardens and raises at the edges
  • the nails are easily breakable


Fungal colonies on nails grow slowly, but the destruction is still slow and difficult process. Treatment of fungal infections of the hands can last from six to eight months, and on the legs of 9 to 12 months. Dermatologists are adamant that in these cases, cutaneous antifungal means do not give any results.


toes and nails woman manicure


For the treatment of fungus on the nails there are special lotions and varnishes applied on the affected areas. In more severe cases may require additional intake of tablets with antifungal action.

Shoes that do not allow enough air and cause sweating, can be a cause for the development of the fungus in the steps. This leads to an unpleasant odor, itching and yeast infection complication if it is not treated properly.

To protect the legs and claws from hot summer days Mycotic infections, follow these rules:


  • Washyour feet regularly with SOAP and be sure to dry them well, especially between your toes.


  • When you are in public swimming pools, gyms and saunas do not walk barefoot, and always use a well-ventilated shoes or slippers.


  • Do not wear tight and closed shoes, which do not allow the feet to be ventilated. Best suited for summer heat are thesandals and shoes made from natural materials – fabric or leather, which allow the feet and fingers to “breathe”.


How to get rid of nail fungus proper shoes


  • Do not use foreign thongs, shoes.


At the first sign of a fungal infection of the feet and nails should be consulted with a specialist and the problem to be treated in a timely manner.




Tips how to treat nail fungus naturally.


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