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Make your interior modern with these vases




There are many ways to transform our interior if we are about to change the look of our apartment, house, villa, condo, mansion, etc. And one of the best ways with least efforts is to find creative and interesting objects and items that can function as decorative accents and thus we can achieve a different, more interesting presence inside a particular volume, which actually changes the way it looks.









I think one of the best ways is to have modern or contemporary creative vases. They are gorgeous because they can immediately grab a person’s attention and focus it on the creative or concept shape of the vase. Then the person attracted starts exploring it’s curves and lines and if the piece of decor is splendid, it grabs his soul forever. Then he feels in a pleasant atmosphere where he can enjoy being him only self there.








Now, let’s have a look at the different types of creative vases ideas.

I think that we can separate them in two major groups:

1. Creative vases that can be placed on the floor – Usually, you will find that these types of vases are larger in size and they are much heavier than the others. It is very hard to DIY such kind of vase since you need a lot of material and precise hand to get it good looking. Mostly, you will find these type of tall vases in the concept stores as well as among websites of famous product designers. Well, of course, there are many online stores that offer them. Now, let’s see what are the other creative vases ideas.




2. Creative vases that can be used elsewhere – this are usually smaller in size vases with interesting shape, either made by a manufacturer and produced in a factory, or a handmade piece of decoration. In both cases they can be used not only for placing flowers in them, but they can also accommodate different kind of sweets, fruits, and many other decorative stuff. They look beautiful at window ledges, at tables as a centerpiece, near the bed at a bedside table or just next to your bathtub. Just find the shape, size and color that you like most and you can get your new contemporary vase at home.










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