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Medical Diagnosis According To The Dreams

Even Aristotle suggested to determine the medical diagnosis for sleep and accurately dreams. The ancient Greek wise man understands that nothing in nature does not come by accident. Modern science confirms its assumptions.



Medical diagnosis according to the dream

Judging by the observations, the “usual colds start to have a day or two before, serious problems (gastritis, hypertension,angina) – a month or two before that, and heavy – a year or two before that. Even in the still rudimentary condition disease affects plots of the dream delusions, and actively develops, the more often it “show” at night.

My dreams have its logical explanation

Dreams can depend on nerve impulses that act in the brain of the internal organs, which are silent in a healthy condition and desperate signal“, if something is not right. At the outset of the disease these signals are so weak that we don’t notice them. Remain dreams: long before the emergence of the disease one can dream that he hurt the foot, hand, heart …



Dreams instantly react to changes in our physical form

If you notice problems, there will begin and “thematic dreams – wars, bickeringPeople see themselves, their body or a specified part of it: a person with a mask, lubricated by the hand of the monster, a deformed nose, glow-in-thedark eyes. It is very likely that it is a hidden disease. Dreams can be the most fantastic – the man with two heads or lianas instead of legs.

The most interesting thing is that this whole fuss in the sleep doesn’t amaze us. The researchers suggest that such absurdities are logical because they are born from some hidden, but the real process in the body.


The analysis of dreams often helps to determine what health problems threaten you in the nearest time and, accordingly, it helps to take measures in time.



See which are most common signals for organs and diseases problems:

Heart. You can dream that you are dizzy or are wounded fatally in the heart. The fear of death disappears.

Lungs. typical pictures: man sinks, gasping or simply it is hard to breathe. Another way you can dream that on your chest crashed an impossible burden. All this is accompanied by a sense of fear and anxiety.

Violation of the circulatory system. Dreams are connected with that part of the body where it is disturbed: for example, if you walk barefoot in your sleep in muddy puddles, the problem most likely is connected to the legs.

The stomach. A dream that you would have to eat rotten food. In gastritis you can see dream something particularly nasty as spoiled rotten meat or fish.

Skin. In your sleep it seems damaged, with unnatural color (e.g. blue). Or dream that the walls in your home has spots and plaster cracked.

The hands and feet. The storyline is associated with them.

The vertebral column. Dreams in which you are a Sisyphus or simply loader, vlačeŝ of backup prohibitive burdens. You experience unpleasant sensations in the back.

Colds. Ice tub, cold shower, walk barefoot in the snow. Head and your nose are monstrously huge.

Angina. You pull from your throat a Red Ribbon, swallow nails, set up with brick pieces. All your nocturnal episodes are associated with the throat.

The flu. Often dream disputes and bickering. Or wearing a strange hat. You strive to be free, but it’s all useless. Your senses are like the weakness in the flu.

The nervous system. When the neuron several times per night haunts you repetitive scenes, same picture, sadness and fear. Or the guy understands that he is naked, he really has nowhere to hide. You’re missing the train in your sleep or you were not able to do something. It is possible to display your own frustration and desire for change.

Of course, if you have an unpleasant dream, not worth to buy for the medical guide – this still doesn’t mean anything. But if the same suspicious vision comes several times a night or for weeks or months comes in your sleep, you refer to it seriously. Such stories deserve attention!

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