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One of the most important things when designing your kitchen is to choose the right countertops surface. This is not an easy task, so have a look at the information listed below. I believe that it would of great advantage to know all the facts before taking such important decisions. You have to look at all the edge details, all the available colors, etc. You also need to know that when the countertops hurdle is over, then you have to choose the right cabinets for your kitchen.
Today, I am going to focus your attention to one of the greatest materials for kitchen countertops – granite. This is a beautiful material that comes in many earthy colors and has unique texture. Its famous for its durability and that’s why many families prefer it. According to specialist, the following collection of granite countertops is a professionals choice when building the kitchen. They come in various colors and their flexibility provides many options of combination with cabinets. In the examples below you will see both types – painted cabinets as well as stain-grade solutions. All of them, perfectly matching everything in the cooking area.

Bianca Romano Granite Countertops



Absolute Black Granite Countertops


Bianca Romano go very well with painted cabinets, particularly in white. If you want a classic touch inside your luxurious kitchen, then choose the Romano type. Actually, these granite countertops does not only perfectly fit any white nuance but they also go very well with warm pale colors as well as beige accents. To complete the luxurious and expensive look of the cooking area you can add nickel or oil-rubbed-bronze hardware – stove, air absorber, fridge, etc. Another perfect match is with natural stone colors, like gray, cream, white and very, very deep ruby shades.


Bianca Romano Granite Countertop

Bianca Romano is also famous for its ability go very well with stain-grade cabinets. It is all about the palette – warm whites, beige nuances and gray shades. An interesting fact is that walnut and medium oak is a combination that fits perfectly well in traditional kitchens.

Costa Esmeralda Granite Countertop



With painted cabinets. Beautiful is not a strong enough word to describe the appearance of these material. The touchy shades of green can grab your attention immediately since they are so earthy and natural that you simply feel at home. Professionals say that there are also undertones of gray and brown. Matching it with traditional painted cabinets and modern silve or nickel hardware is not a hard task. When polished, the seafoam green material looks a little bit more expensive.
Dark Costa Esmeralda Granite Countertop
With stain-grade cabinets. Some people prefer rustic touches in their homes. If you are one of those, you’d better try and find the green granite countertops. Copper or oil-rubbed-bronze faucets and details make a perfect finish for a stylish and elegant traditional kitchen interior design.


Costa Esmeralda Granite Countertops






Аnite Countertop in Seafoam Green




With painted cabinets. I had a recent experience with a person that wanted to add some coastal and Mediterranean touches in his kitchen. Then we have decided to give up this idea and use ocean palette instead. And since Costa Esmeralda material provides shades of green and blue, it was just the perfect solution for this particular issue.
Hint: If you are going to buy Costa Esmeralda kitchen countertops, try to paint your cabinets in sandy white color – this classy combination with take your breath away! Additionally, I must outline that this type of countertops is a perfect match for nickel hardware, just the right one.


Granite Countertops in Absolute Blackcolor






With stain-grade cabinets. In many households men are those who rule the way their homes will look like. These people prefer masculine touches, man caves, cigars, pool tables, whiskey nights, etc. When your entire house’s interior reflects the strong presence of a real man’s character, then you need something like Costa Esmeralda countertops for the kitchen. One of the most beautiful things about it is that sunlight highlights certain areas and make the stone’s complex coloring stand out from many other type of countertops.
Absolute Black Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops in Typhoon Bordeaux



With painted cabinets. If you are ready to go after a real classic look – then choosing Absolute Black is the right move. The classic balance that comes from the famous opposition “black” and “white” is simply stunning. These two colors are able to make visual contrasts that excite and make a firm statement in every type of interior.
Absolute Black granite countertops are awesome when polished or honed.

Large Bianca Romano Granite Countertop




With stain-grade cabinets. Rustic, modern, eclectic, classic, traditional… what is your style? If it is one of the mentioned here, then you will be a lucky man if you place the Absolute Black.
Hint: For best results with these types of cabinets, try to find examples that have oak or walnut color. They will blend with Absolute Black and you will fall in love forever.
Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Countertops

With painted cabinets. Another top trendy combination. The typical palette of Typhoon Bordeaux is a peasant mix of gray, cream, brown or brick red. This is a successful choice for kitchens with light colorful themes.
Hint: For a professional finish, try to install flooring that has almost the same red undertones. The results is terrific! You can choose between brick red and dark ruby red.


Granite Countertops

With stain-grade cabinets. Many housewives search for comfort and coziness in the kitchen and I think this is their personal right. These kind of women find the last combination really attractive because it touches their hearts. Imagine how really well the brick red streaks pair solid oak, walnut or even better – mahogany cabinets! This is a true heaven for all those lovely wives who like to spend many hours in the kitchen preparing delicious meals or just experiment with a new cookies receipt.


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