Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Yoga Spot

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We are living in an unprecedented period of isolation and social distancing. Therefore, it is getting more and more important to change the scenery as often as possible. One of the easiest ways to do so during the summer season includes exercising or doing yoga in the fresh air. So, let us explore together how you create the perfect outdoor yoga spot.


yoga outdoors woman in a warrior pose with banana trees in the background


Tip #1 Choose the Perfect Spot

Having access to online yoga classes enables you to practice yoga whenever and wherever you want to. Nevertheless, it is important to choose a location that makes you feel comfortable. Some of the factors that play a role when picking up the perfect outdoor yoga spot are the type of surface, level of noise, etc. Having this in mind, here are some suggestions for appropriate outside yoga spots.


relaxation spot outdoor garden yoga spot with statues and living plants



First, a lot of yogis prefer doing their practice on the beach. This is partially so because sand is soft and makes the practice less stressful for your joints and skin. On the other hand, yoga is not only about your body, but also about your mind. Therefore, when you have sand all over your legs and are surrounded by all types of sights and sounds, you can train yourself to remain focused.


outdoor yoga pose woman doing yoga in the garden on a pink yoga mat bowing down


Next, if you have a local park near your home, you can use it as an outdoor yoga spot. It is easier to make balancing or aerial yoga moves when you have access to various structures. In addition, most people usually feel more enthusiastic and creative in the park. So, this can be a nice way to bring some childlike wonder to your yoga practice.


yoga garden ideas yoga spot gazebo with curtains and pillows


Tip #2 Create Your Own Outdoor Yoga Studio

Naturally enough you do not always need to find the perfect outdoor yoga spot. You can create it, too.
For instance, if you have a backyard, you can turn it into a fabulous space for yoga. Doing yoga in the fresh air can be a very rewarding experience when you need a little me time. At the same time, it is also possible to invite friends or family members to join you.


close-up of a woman in black sports clothes rolling out a yoga mat on the green grass


You might be thinking: “It would be nice to practice yoga in my backyard but I do not have a backyard”. Well, it is certainly easier to commit to a couple of outside moments daily when you have a backyard. Nevertheless, you can utilize your patio or balcony, too.


outdoor blue yoga mat with a white flower garden yoga spot


Do not try to make things perfect. Simply clean up a little space, prepare your yoga props and playlists and start practising. Even five minutes in the morning can make you feel calm and full of energy. So, yoga is totally worth committing to.


garden with women doing yoga outdoors on yoga mats surrounded by greenery


Tip# 3. Provide Yourself with an Outside Yoga Mat

Last, but not least, take into consideration that your yoga mat matters as much as your outdoor yoga spot. So, if you intend on doing yoga outside regularly, do not forget to buy a ticker yoga mat. On the one hand, this will help you practice yoga indoors and outdoors without worrying about dirt. On the other hand, outdoor mats are better at smoothing out rough surfaces.


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