Huashan Mountain The Most Dangerous Hiking

Tourist on Huashan Mountain



Rising high in the sky, the mountain Huashan is located about 120 km from the Chinese province of Shaanxi. Her five peaks when viewed from a certain angle, resemble the petals of a beautiful flower. Despite its beauty, the mountain is considered one of the steepest in the world, placing it among the most dangerous to climb in the world.

Huashan is one of the five great sacred mountains in China and is the most famous of them, mostly because of the difficult route. Mount Huashan is considered one of the most sacred and Taoist temples at its foot were a frequent destination for pilgrimages to ancient rulers. Many of these churches are still preserved and are frequented by tourists, young pilgrims and monks.





As mentioned before, Huashan has five distinct peak. East, known as solar peak is 2090 meters high and is a popular spot for visitors who stop there and watch the sunrise. The average peak is called Field princess. Legend has it that the daughter of King Mu Gong didn’t like the palace and fled to the mountain Huashan, where lived with her husband on top.




A height of 2086 meters. west tip named Lotus. It has the unique shape and is one of the most steep and dangerous places on the mountain. The northern peak is called Celestial terrace and is 1613 meters high. Three of its sides are too dangerous to climb, and the fourth is so dangerous that climbers should snuggle their bodies to rock not to fall.


Huashan Mountain landscape


The southern peak is the highest in all five sacred mountains with its 2160 meters. Although the climb to the top is very dangerous, panoramic views, lush greenery and unique challenge attract tourists from around the world.


Huashan Mountain - the most dangerous hiking


To understand how dangerous is the mountain Huashan, it is important to distinguish between mountain climbing and hiking tourism. Climbers are usually well trained and with very rich experience. They carry heavy backpacks with safety ropes and special clothing that helps them climb rock walls. When hiking, things are different. Usually these are tourists who visit Huashan with nothing but the clothes on his back and take in the transition without being aware of the dangers to them ahead.


Tourist on Huashan Mountain


You could say that it is safer to climb the mountain than to walk it.On the ridge Black Dragon as hikers will find 15 km steps that climb almost vertically. Although they are secured, a person can hold only small side chain and feet are so many that only physical trained people are able to pass it.


Hiking Huashan Mountain China


If this does not seem sufficiently extreme, there are places where tourists must pass near a cliff walking a 30 cm wide planks over the abyss while holding only chain in front of them. Many of these trails are built with shoddy boards that trumble, burst and break. It is recommended a person to push their body as close to the mountain and to cling to the chain at the cost of his life. If you fall, you are doomed.

Tourist Hiking Huashan Mountain China


Conditions are even worse in the winter months when tourist trips are still allowed. On the southern peak there are stairs that look like more like a ladder, with 20-foot vertical climb. In the coldest time of the year, these steps are often covered with invisible ice, prompting many tourists to re-think. Horror is full, when you get to places where there are no paths and steps. Instead, there are only holes for the legs of the hill top. The only way to go is by holding stably to the chains above you while you walk very slowly, diagonally, step by step.


Huashan Mountain the most dangerous hiking China


There are many rumors about the number of deaths on the mountain Huashan. Some say that 100 people die every year, falling into the abyss under the peaks. Although this is one of the most dangerous mountains in the world, there are no documented cases of rescue. One thing is certain, however – people continue to go there and risk their lives to the top.


Huashan Mountain stairs to the top


Huashan Mountain stairs




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