How to Use Fairy Lights as Home Décor

christmas lights hanging

There are just a few weeks left until next Christmas. And this is the perfect occasion to make our home feel cozy and magical. One of the simplest ways to turn an ordinary space into a holiday fairytale is to use fairy lights. So, let us explore together some easy fairy lights aesthetic ideas that can work in any room in your home.


garden fairy lights over a beautiful table setting on a porch with a wooden floor



If you are lucky enough to live in a beautiful house with a backyard, do not miss the chance to create a magical garden with fairy lights. You can illuminate the entrance of a summer outdoor party by winding string lights around black hula hoops.


wall decor garlands of fairy lights and wreathes on a white wall above a table



You can also make use of fairy lights when you make your DIY centrepiece or fire pit. Waterfalls of sparkling lights often take your breath away on New Year’s Eve? If that is the case, then we have good news for you. You can create your own waterfall of fairy lights. To do so, simply hang lengths of string lighting off an arbour or a tree branch.


fairy star lights handing on the curtains two sets of stars



Naturally enough, not everyone has a garden. However, all of us can invite a sense of festivity and ambience into our homes by using fairy lights. If you want to make a difference to a plain bedroom, consider adding a starburst light garland. Also, you can put pom-pom lights in a glass jar or around furniture.


modern fairy lights with metal beams hanging on a clean white wall


Whenever you want to add some magic to a wall, swag and pin lights across it. In addition to creating a DIY fairy light wall, you can also drape fairy lights from ceilings. Transparent fairy lights are perfect for people who want to peg photos to their lights.


christmas lights metal and glass lanterns filled with fairy lights


Yet, colors have the power to influence the mind. So, if you want to bring some color to your living room, use rainbow fairy lights. They will energize you whenever you look at the fairy lights. On the other hand, the decorations will help you and your guests connect with your creative side.


fairy lights in the bedroom over the bed and a small lantern


In addition, it is quite popular to put fairy lights around the window. String lights and star curtains are a great way to make your home glow even more. Also, they can easily help your children feel safe in the evening if they are afraid of the dark.


woman with long hair and gray sweater hanging fairy lights on an exposed brick wall


Last, but not least, you can turn your home into a magical fairytale by dressing your mirrors. To do so, bunch microlights together and hang them over mirrors for an all-round glow. If you aim at creating a subtle shine, you can also drape fairy lights around the mirror or picture frame edges.


interior decor with delicate round fairy lights around a mirror


If we want to make the most out of the holiday season, then we can certainly benefit from using fairy lights. Nevertheless, we believe that we all deserve to feel cozy and magical throughout the whole year. Not just around Christmas time. So, let us experiment with different ways in which simple things like fairy lights can make our day-to-day experience magical.


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