How to Make Your Own Natural Christmas Decorations

Glam Pinecones Christmas front door decoration

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t need to be expensive and over the top. In fact, it is easy and fun to use natural Christmas decorations that are made by you and are free. This year resist buying expensive décor pieces and instead opt for the simple beauty of DIY natural Christmas decorations. A simple jar of berries or a bunch of evergreen branches is festive and elegant enough. Plus, the natural decorations will fill your home with wonderful scents.

Let’s take a look at several trendy ideas for natural Christmas decorations and how you can make them on your own.


Green Table Centerpiece

table decorated with natural christmas decorations in white golden and green christmas tree in the background


Natural Christmas crafts use a lot of greenery and pinecones. Here is a great idea for a beautiful table centrepiece made with candles and natural evergreens and pinecones.



Christmas table inspiration decorated table runner christmas tree metal chandelier

Natural Christmas table decor greens and wood table close up

Green table centerpiece long table with tree log candle holders and branches white table cloth

Christmas decoration ideas pinecones green branches horns on a table

Wooden table decorated with natural elements evergreen branches wooden candleholder


You need simple tea lights in jars that you can nestle amongst the green branches. This display can be arranged in a bowl, tray or platter, or you can just scatter the candles, branches and pinecones across the table or mantel.


Glam Pinecones

dark front door decorated with green branches and pinecone wreath pinecones in a bucket

front door natural wreath pinecones vintage ice skates


Pinecones are the ultimate winter decoration. They look good with everything. If you want to glam them up just spray paint them silver or gold and tie them together to make a natural Christmas wreath or natural ornaments. You can use a hot glue gun to glue them on a wreath base or a ribbon.


pinecone and green branches decor small christmas tree table decoration

Natural pinecone garland mantel decoration


There are so many natural Christmas decorations that you can make with pinecones! Use your imagination to create something beautiful. If you are looking for a simple way to use pinecones just toss them in a bowl and place it as a table display.


Cinnamon Sticks

woman crafting Christmas ornaments with cinnamon sticks

woman crafting with cinnamon sticks scissors glue gun DIY


Cinnamon is the ultimate winter spice for hot beverages and food. But cinnamon sticks also make wonderful natural Christmas ornaments. There are plenty of things that you can do with them like hanging them on the tree, glueing them on a candle or displaying them with pinecones and greenery.


cinnamon sticks and cloves christmas ornamen on a tree hanging on red and white thread


When you use them with candles, the sticks will release their wonderful scent, but you need to be careful how close they are to the flame. You can add cinnamon sticks to your natural Christmas tree decorations too. Only a ribbon is enough to turn a bunch of cinnamon sticks into beautiful, natural Christmas ornaments.


Cranberry Decorations

Cranberry Christmas decoration heart in a pot green moss white and red ribbon

Cranberry Christmas hearts decorations green branches candle

Cranberry Christmas natural decorations bracelets green branches


Cranberries have a rich red color which makes them excellent for the holiday season. One of the best ways to use them for decorating is with candles. Use a clear, glass jar and fill it with cranberries and add a candle, pinecones or greenery. You can make candle holders and place them in the centre of a dining table or on a mantel.


Fruity Wreath

Christmas dried Fruity Wreath on a wooden chair

Christmas wreath with apples green leaves berries and fruits

Woman holding a big natural christmas wreath with dried ornages branches leaves pinecones

white background woman holding christmas wreath decorated with dried fruits


Forget about the rounded wreath and make a fruity, bloom shape door ornament. You can make it with leaves, apples, winter berries and evergreen branches. Add pine cones and make it look festive. This decoration is easy and makes for a great focal point.

We hope you like our list of natural Christmas decorations and you got some inspiration to try them out. Let’s make the holidays all about sustainability, creativity and simplicity!


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