Holiday Spirit at Home – 2021 Holiday Season Home Décor


Nothing screams Christmas like great holiday season home décor. So, if you also want to invite the joy of the holidays into your home, then this article is right for you. Here are 5 intriguing ideas for filling your home with holiday cheer.


colorful christmas baubles handing from a shelve with vases of different size on it in a dove gray colored interior above a small couch with a golden christmas tree


#1. Hang Ornaments in Unusual Places

When we think about Christmas home decor items, we often picture decorating a gorgeous Christmas tree with ornaments. However, did you know that you can also hang ornaments in unexpected places such as over the table? Why not create a stunning centrepiece over your dining room table? Another option is to grab a glass vase and fill it with globe ornaments in numerous colours.


traditional gingerbread house with gummies and sugar snow on the roof on a black background



#2. Take the Time to Create a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are a piece of decoration that definitely reminds us of Christmas. So, if you want to make your home smell like Christmas, add a gingerbread house to your home décor. Creating a family gingerbread house can be a great hobby to try during the cold days.


tropical christmas pna colada cocktail with coconut and pineapple in front of a christmas tree


#3. Go to the Tropics This Christmas

A lot of us wish we could once again travel freely to exotic destinations. If that is not an option for you right now, do not be sad. There is a way in which you can bring the tropics home.


home decor christmas decorations a green gift pine cones and drawings of decorated trees


For instance, you can choose a tropical holiday season home décor theme this year. Create a centrepiece from dragon fruit, lychee, or pineapple and wrap it up in ball ornaments and fairy lights.


ombre bottle brush green christmas trees on a window sill with a snowy landscape outside


#4. Return to Bottle Brush Trees

A couple of years ago bottle brush trees enjoyed huge popularity. So, give them a try. On the one hand, they can help you give your tablescape a pop of color. On the other hand, bottle brush trees can also turn into great winter home decor after Christmas.


DIY green christmas wreath with green leaves feathers and foliage


#5. Make Your Own Wreath Wall

Usually, we tend to hand holiday wreaths on the front door. Nevertheless, it is also a good idea to design a wreath wall. You can do so by arranging a couple of wreaths and adding some baubles and bows. Naturally enough, there is no right or wrong approach to holiday season home décor, so you can cover and arrange the space as you wish.


Christmas home decor on a mantel with green foliage and a sign peace of earth next to wooden candle holders and little houses


These were 5 ideas for holiday season home décor that can help you make your home feel, look or smell like Christmas. Whatever Christmas decoration trend you choose to follow, do not forget to give yourself space for creativity. Moreover, remember that decorating can be a lovely way of spending high-quality time with your loved ones. So, do not only think about the product of decorating but enjoy the process as well.


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